Responses to transfer Maaßen: Goering-Eckardt: "This is an incomprehensible Mauschelei" policy

The change of Secretary-General Hans-Georg Maassen as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Federal Ministry of the Interior sent a fatal signal from the Greens' perspective. "I find this signal devastating, because that is a promotion", said Irene Mihalic, member of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, on Tuesday the German news agency. Maaßen is now rewarded for his numerous failures. If the former chairman of the Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) in his new position in the Ministry of Interior would be responsible for internal security in the future, he would be responsible for all the surplus for the same area.

Green party leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt called the government's decision an "incomprehensible mumbo jumbo". Maaßens "unfaithful behavior and cuddling with the AfD" will now be rewarded instead of punished. Apparently, the government "could not even clean personality".

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), federal minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) and SPD leader Andrea Nahles had previously agreed to occupy the head of the BfV. Seehofer wants to announce on Wednesday what competence Maaßen wants to have at the Ministry of the Interior.

Other opposition politicians reacted indignantly to the news of Maaßen changes jobs. "The promotion of Mr. Maassen is a formula pseudo-solution, whether you trust him or not," said FDP chief Christian Lindner about the change. "The theater ultimately only reveals that the coalition does not make sense and has no consequences, and ultimately there are only losers, including the people who can only follow this farce with a shock from the head," Lindner said.

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