Right-wing protests in Chemnitz: between hatred and grief

After the violent death of a man at a street festival, Chemnitz did not come to rest for the second day in a row. The situation remains extremely tense.

Protests by thousands of right-wing and left-wing demonstrators in the center of Chemnitz led to at least one person being injured on Monday evening. The police have not ruled out that this number was still increasing. There were fireworks and objects thrown, it was said.

Accordingly, after the meetings, the police said "isolated" participants from different camps together. The police accompanied a larger group of people to the station according to their own data. On departure, four participants at the Assembly Pro Chemnitz were "wounded by 15 to 20 attackers," the police said later. Two of the wounded were taken to the hospital. The investigation continued.

Hateful slogans, burning weapons

The aggressive mood was noticeable in the evening: fireworks were lit, objects were thrown. Slogans were sung, hatred filled with cries penetrated the streets. Only a police accordion held the groups together in a heated atmosphere. Separate groups had to be captured each and every time. Water cannons opened between the rival sides. There were larger incidents until the end of the events.

Only a few hundred meters away were piled flowers and tomb candles on the pavement as a trigger for the parades. There on Sunday morning in Chemnitz a man was stabbed, who later died of his serious injuries in the hospital.

Hunting scenes on Sunday

Already on Sunday, a spontaneous demonstration after the deadly stab wounds on a 35-year-old German at the Chemnitz City Festival was based on attacks on migrants. Policemen were pelted with bottles and stones. Video's on the internet showed how migrants were attacked and 'hunted down' & # 39;

In the background: the Karl Marx monument and right-wing demonstrators. On the front. The Gegendemo. (Source: t-online.de)In the background: the Karl Marx monument and right-wing demonstrators. On the front. The Gegendemo. (Source: t-online.de)

After the two demonstrations were dissolved on Monday evening, a police spokesman reported a lack of staff in his own ranks. He had counted on a few hundred participants and prepared accordingly, but not with so many participants, he said. "The mission was not without problems." Police chief Sonja Penzel had assured that sufficient powers had been requested in the course of the afternoon. It was not allowed to allow Khazians to seize the city, she said.

According to the police, escalation and an encounter between the two camps could only be prevented with difficulty in the evening. The police had also lifted water cannons. However, no use had to be made of it. Participants reported on social media that there have been repeated attempts by right-wing extremist demonstrators to break the political chains. Also of persons with a hood was reported. Observers believe that the situation in the city will initially remain tense. The police also wanted to stay at night.

On Monday, Saxony announced a crackdown after violently attacking Chemnitz. Minister of Internal Affairs Roland Wöller (CDU) described the events as a "new dimension of escalation". He said that people would not leave the street for criminals and chaos, but to maintain the rule of law. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert spoke in Berlin for a "hunt for people of different appearance & # 39 ;.

No room for self-defense

Arrest orders were issued on Monday to a Syrian and an Iraqi. The 23 and 22-year-old men would have put the victim on several occasions "without justification" after a dispute on Sunday night, said Chemnitz's attorney. According to the police, this formulation mainly means self-defense. In this particular case it was not acted out of self-defense. Two other men suffered serious injuries.

Police and Pyro: during the demonstrations, the participants repeatedly threw themselves at Böllern. (Source: dpa / Sebastian Willnow)Police and Pyro: during the demonstrations, the participants repeatedly threw themselves at Böllern. (Source: Sebastian Willnow / dpa)

Saxon Attorney General Hans Strobl moved to the investigation itself on Monday and ordered the special unit "Central Office Extremism Saxony".

Politicians from federal and national governments condemned the escalation sharply. "There is no room for self-righteousness in Germany, for groups that want to spread hatred on the streets, for intolerance and for extremism," said government spokesman Seibert in Berlin. Even the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) denounced hatred and self-defense. "It is disgusting how right-wing extremists on the net get a temper and call for violence."

Demos also in other cities

In the meantime it also occurred in other German cities, protests against the background of the deadly knife stab of Chemnitz. In Dusseldorf around 150 demonstrators from the right spectrum gathered for the state parliament, as the police reported. They had about 250 counter-protesters. The rallies were accompanied by strong police forces, until their dissolution in the evening remained peaceful, according to the police. Elsewhere the AfD had called for rallies, so in several cities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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