"Roads paved with gold": Afghan president warns citizens against illusions about Germany

DAfghan president Aschraf Ghani warned his fellow countrymen of illusions about supposedly easy-to-reach prosperity in Germany. There is the "mistaken assumption that the streets in Germany are paved with gold," said Ghani, the newspaper "Bild".

Afghans, who belonged to the middle class in their homeland and were part of a lively diversity of opportunities for entrepreneurs, subsequently carried out artisanal activities after they had fled to Germany. "Do not get me wrong, I am proud of manual work, but they represent a great downhill for these people," he said.

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At the same time Ghani warned the Germans in view of the events in Chemnitz because of excessive fear of refugees. One should look to the Afghans who have contributed to German society. "Please do not judge the entire nation for one, two or three people," Ghani asked.

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