Rotenburg an der Fulda: corpse found in the forest: who are the unknown dead?

Rotenburg an der Fulda –

In a wooded area in Rotenburg on the Fulda in Hessen, the skeletal body of an unknown person was found. Nationwide has been determined, a reconstructed mug shot photo will be published. But even two years later, the researchers apparently face an unsolvable puzzle. Who is the dead man from the forest?

Mysterious corpse finds in Rotenburg an der Fulda

The identity of the deceased could still not be elucidated despite extensive investigations. Even today, almost two and a half years after the terrible find, the police are in the dark.

The research was difficult. The remains are in a state of serious decay due to the long time that the corpse remained undiscovered (officials suspect that the dead man may have been there for several years).

The forensic scientists first succeeded in finding out the person's gender through a DNA test. Accordingly, it is a man in advanced maturity.

The vestiges of clothing also suggested that the stranger had the dress with size 54.

Trail leads to the Oberpfalz

But the most important trace is the dead man's glasses. Because of an advertising image it is clear that the man must have bought it at an optician in Weiden in der Oberpfalz. The researchers suspected that the unknown could have lived in this area and that it had only remained for a visit or a business trip in the Hessian Rotenburg.

Yet there were no further indications for the identity of the man.

Last chance: reconstruction of the face

Lijk Rotenburg

Who recognizes the man on the photo 's?

In July 2018, a specialist reconstructed the face of the unknown. Each facial function can be reconstructed by the LKA specialists using the extensive procedure – but not the hair. Therefore, the researchers have draped different hair styles on the modeled face of the unknown man.

It is probably the last chance to clarify the identity. On the basis of the images, the researchers hope for new directions about who it could be.

Who recognizes the man on the photo 's?


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