Saxony-Anhalt: IC crashes between Wulfen and Maxdorf with trucks

On the collision of an intercity (IC) with a truck in Saxony-Anhalt the driver of the truck died. The accident took place on Thursday evening at a railway crossing between the towns of Wulfen and Maxdorf in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, as the police announced.

The two drivers had suffered minor injuries, he said. In the train there were about 50 people who were not injured. They were brought to safety.

The train had caught the truck and came to a halt a few hundred meters after the railroad crossing, police said. The locomotive was derailed, several hundred meters of railway were damaged.

The railway line between Magdeburg and Leipzig had to be closed in the evening. Influenced were the IC and regional transport, as a spokesman for the railways said. A replacement bus service is set up. How long the recovery of the train lasts is unclear.

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