Schorndorf: Update: two 17-year-olds die by accident police report

The accident took place on Tuesday morning at 21.20 hours (21.08 hours). The 20-year-old had driven a VW Golf in the direction of Miedelsbach. When he approached the main road from the Winfried Kübler roundabout, he came to the right and hit the curb. The car drove from there to the left over the road, where it collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Large-scale deployment for rescue workers

For the two 17-year-old riders in the Gulf, all help came too late. The ambulance could only determine her death. The 20-year-old driver was seriously injured to the hospital. The 50-year-old truck driver, who was no longer able to avoid the car, was shocked.

The fire brigades of Schorndorf and Haubersbronn, two emergency doctors, three ambulances, various comic strips and a police helicopter were in action.

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