Severe failure in police operation on Monday in Chemnitz

Berlin / Potsdam.

The chemnitz police underestimated the demonstrations after the violent death of a German. The Ministry of the Interior nevertheless does not ask for support from the federal police in Potsdam. Was that a slump? Opinions differ.

The federal police and the ministry of internal affairs in Saxony have rejected a report on a "serious collapse" as a reason for the under-occupation of the police during the riots in Chemnitz last Monday. The Situation Center had refrained from asking for reinforcement at the headquarters of the federal police in Potsdam, a spokesman for the ministry in Dresden said on Saturday on request. The extra forces and helicopters would have been on the scene shortly before midnight, he said. The "Welt am Sonntag" wrote about a "serious collapse" and "wrong behavior".


According to Welt am Sonntag there was a call for help from Chemnitz police at the Situation Center of the Ministry of the Interior during the evening's deployment. This "unreasonable" did not follow the usual reporting route. According to the newspaper, the headquarters of the federal police in Potsdam and not the subordinate agency in Pirna were responsible for such requirements. From there a few hundred could be brought to Chemnitz.

The federal police spokesman, Ivo Priebe, confirmed to the German press agency that the request from the Saxon Interior Ministry was in support of the federal police inspection Pirna. Their troops were already tied up, like at the Chemnitz station with 60 officials. In Pirna it was pointed out that further troops had to be questioned with the headquarters of the federal police in Potsdam.



Because of the distance and time that was necessary for the preparation and arrival, they have been abandoned.

There is no general rule, the federal police spokesman said to the question of where the Ministry of the Interior should have asked for support. In ad-hoc situations, where readily available forces are required, the nearest service is called. In this case the Pirna as responsible directorate for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Last Monday, 6,000 demonstrators from the more right-wing spectrum, including violent neo-nazi & # 39; s and hooligans, faced about 1500 counter-demonstrators – with nearly 600 police officers in the meantime. There were at least 20 wounded, including two police officers. The reason for this was the violent death of a 35-year-old German on the eve of stab wounds. A Syrian and an Iraqi are taken into custody as suspects. The understaffing of the authorities had caused criticism.

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