Sex theft in Dortmund: police wants to track serial killers

So a serial-shooter: with a ghost image, the police are looking for the man who allegedly committed the sexual offenses in Dortmund. Three women were ambushed.

Sex raids in Dortmund: the police wants to track serial killers

Prosecutors and police are certain: a serial offender has attacked three women in Dortmund in recent days and abused two of them. This finding is the result of hard work from the research committee "EK Park", which was established for the crime. With the help of testimonies and indications, the officials apparently came on the trail of the suspicious man.

Large contingent busy with the case

For this purpose, various departments of the police in Dortmund were in operation for almost 24 hours a day. A staff of large staff is engaged in the business and shows its presence throughout the city.

  • District officials interview residents of the crime scene and show them the created phantom image of the alleged serial sower for more information.
  • The cycling squadron and the regional equestrian squadron patrol the streets and dirt roads near the crime scene to ensure safety.
  • The Kriminalpr√§vention Kriminalpr√§vention and the victim protection are on their way to advise people in the vicinity of the crime scene with an information mobile.

Police commissioner Lange: "Atrocities"

Police Commissioner Gregor Lange says: "I can clearly understand whether these gruesome acts lead to uncertainty among the population." That is why the special investigation committee was established. It must alleviate the sexual offenses as quickly as possible and condemn the perpetrator. Lange appeals to the residents of Dortmund: "Do not be afraid to contact us, not only in case of emergency, but also talk to us if you are worried and need help."

All streak teams and police stations are always available for questions and advice. The telephone takes criminal watch the Dortmund police further witness information under the telephone number 0231-132 7999 counter.

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