Shunmon CSU Group advises on the consequences of the electoral debacle

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Shunmon CSU Group advises on the consequences of the electoral debacle

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After the state election After the state election

On the way to one of the many crisis talks: CSU chief Horst Seehofer (middle) and Daniela Ludwig, deputy secretary general of the CSU (r.). Photo: Kay Nietfeld

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The CSU faction in the Bavarian Parliament has become much clearer. The remaining 85 MPs today have to make important decisions about the staff – and try to recover from shock to normal operation.

München (dpa) – After the bankruptcy of the CSU after the state elections in Bavaria, the strongly shrunken parliamentary group meets for the first time today. The group now has only 85 members – 16 fewer than before.

Faction leader should remain Thomas Kreuzer. On Monday, the CSU board had supported this proposal by Prime Minister Markus Söder with much applause. As the new president of the state parliament, the previous construction and transport minister Ilse Aigner is planned.

For Söder, the first meeting of the parliamentary group after the bad election result is an important criterion: MEPs are his most important power base. Their opinion on the forthcoming exploratory and coalition negotiations therefore has special significance. Söder and party leader Horst Seehofer have clearly pleaded for an alliance with the Free Electors.

The CSU had reached the state election on Sunday with a minus of a good ten percentage points only 37.2 percent, making their worst result since 1950. The SPD halved their results from 2013 with losses of about eleven points and came out at 9, 7 percent. The Greens were the second strongest force with 17.5 percent – more than doubling compared to 2013. This is followed by the Free Voters with 11.6, the AfD with 10.2 and the FDP with 5.1 percent.

On Monday evening, the first CSU district association demanded the replacement of party leader Horst Seehofer. The board of Kronach was at a meeting on Monday evening, although it was agreed that the formation of a government in the Free State would have priority, as the district chairman, the member of parliament Jürgen Baumgärtner, the German news agency said. "But after this formation of a government we want a party congress with the goal of staff renewal and with the aim to replace Horst Seehofer", emphasized Baumgärtner. The district council of the CSU decided unanimously in the evening.

Baumgärtner emphasized that it was explicitly mentioned that Seehofer had celebrated "great" successes for the CSU and that he was grateful for it. "We believe, however, that everything has its time." From the point of view of the district association, there should now be no "going on like this". Also in a next general meeting there was a big applause for all these requirements, as participants then reported.

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