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The housekeeper of SPDJohannes Kahrs has opted for extra taxes to stabilize the statutory pension until 2040. "The subsidy from the federal budget for the pension will increase in the long term," said the spokesman for the SPD faction the newspapers of the spark-media group. "We need to talk about additional sources of income, such as the tax on financial transactions or an extra tax on large assets," he said. The postponement of the dismantling of the Soli or a higher VAT is no problem.

The SPD had voted in its election program to stabilize the pension level by 2030, at least at the current level of 48 percent. "The stabilization of the pension level requires substantial funds and is financed by a higher tax allowance for pension insurance and a new demographic exchange, in addition to a moderately higher contribution," says the program. The pension level describes the ratio of the current average pension to the current average salary.

Minister of Justice Katarina Barley (SPD) said that Rheinische PostForecasts for such a long period are always difficult. Immigration to Germany, for example, would offer "enormous opportunities for our aging society." You need a well-made immigration law to bring targeted younger professionals to Germany. "This also relaxes the relationship between contributors and retirees."

The federal finance ministry on Friday had rejected a report on considerations regarding possible tax increases to stabilize the pension level. The news magazine mirror Referring to the sources of the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz (SPD), said he was ready to "sharply" increase the contributions to old-age pensions and taxes in order to stabilize the pension levels by 2040. On the other hand, he rejects a higher retirement age.

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