SPD: Lars Klingbeil calls CDU to differentiate AfD

SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil has called on the CDU to take a demarcation decision from the AfD. During the upcoming party conference in December, the CDU has to take a decision that prohibits cooperation with the AfD, Klingbeil said the newspaper "Bild".

"There are growing voices in the Union that no longer exclude an alliance with the AfD," Klingbeil said. "This taboo end is a fire hazard and must be stopped urgently." It had been the AfD, who went out in Chemnitz "hand in hand with violent neo-nazis" on the street. "You need a clear demarcation here."

For unrest in the Union last Wednesday, the new chairman of the CDU group in Saxony, Christian Hartmann, worried: he left open the question of a possible coalition with the AfD after the state elections in 2019 and did not give such planning games clear rejection. Shortly thereafter, Klingbeil had demanded a word of power from CDU leader Angela Merkel.

Warning of "political suicide"

A new state parliament will be elected in Saxony in September 2019. Hartmann justified his attitude towards a possible coalition with the AfD with the "respect for the voters". Subsequently, the AfD chairman Alexander Gauland said that in the medium term he could propose a coalition with the CDU. So far, Gauland had always warned too quickly of a government participation of his party.

Chancellor Merkel (CDU) and other prominent politicians from the CDU and CSU have excluded cooperation with the AfD. The Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Reiner Haseloff (CDU), recently warned the Union against an adjustment to the AfD. He told the editorial network Germany: "He who abandons his principles for political reasons commits political suicide."

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