SPIEGEL: Germany is threatening the gap between foreigners

According to SPIEGEL, the West benefits enormously from uncontrolled immigration. In the East, however, it looks like mau. That is because of too few foreigners, the paper analyzes. Despite the 2 million refugees in the last 3 years alone, "Germany is threatening the gap between foreigners".

SPIEGEL: "While the West German economy is benefiting enormously from immigration, the influx of East Germans is largely over, which is a problem – and indeed for the entire Federal Republic.

Without permanently large numbers of immigrants, parts of the Federal Republic will develop into abandoned landscapes. The resulting dynamics are already visible in parts of the East, 28 years after the reunification, which is on Wednesday. "

The question arises: is it possible to expel migrants somewhere? And should not you be better at actively controlling immigration? Different cultures, e.g. Asia?

Could it be that Salafists in Bonn feel comfortable, for example, because there are thousands already? And is that really good for Bonn, if the city is already the stronghold of the Islamic threat?

Duisburg Marxloh is also an excellent example of the flowered West & # 39 ;. That really helps Duisburg. Likewise, it was & gangster-ghetto & # 39; Offenbach exemplary.

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