Stasi victim memorials: Dismissal of boys: Serious allegations against Kultursenator Lederer – Berlin

The expulsion of Hubertus Knabe as director of the Stasi victim monuments is groundbreaking. Four members of the memorial foundation's advisory council protested in an open letter to the cultural senator Klaus Lederer (left) against the decision of the board of directors to dismiss Knabe. The four women at the same time demand that the boy must be restored as a director.

The letter was signed by journalist and DDR civil rights activist Freya Klier, former opposition leader of the GDR Heidi Bohley, former vice-president of the Association of Victims of Stalinism Berlin-Brandenburg (VOS), former Moderator Edda Schönherz, and the political scientist from Passau Barbara Zehnpfennig. They criticize that Boy has not been heard by the Supervisory Board, whose chairman is Lederer.

Instead, Boy had to wait two hours, after which the senator had told him "without hearing or mentioning specific accusations, the normal termination and immediate release". This is a blatant violation of the rule of law, that the other party must always be heard, and suggests the presumption of a prejudice, is in the three-page letter.

The Board of Trustees had not told Knabe what was specifically against him. The undersigned also criticize the members of the board because they did not consult with the advisory board prior to the decision – advising on "content and design issues".

The action is "humiliating and in no way justified by the circumstances", the undersigned write: "On the contrary, these measures seem to be punitive, which can be interpreted rather as a reaction to its political impropriety than in response to (alleged) misconduct . "

It is advertised on the posts of the directors

A week ago the Board of Trustees had unanimously decided to give and stop boy leave – even with the voice of the representative of the Federal Minister for Education, Monika Grütters (CDU), the boy no longer believed in a sustainable way. Triggers were allegations, Knabe & # 39; s vice-director Helmuth Frauendorfer has sexually abused employees since 2011. Frauendorfers lawyer acknowledged misconduct after a published letter from employees. The women had complained at the memorial about a "regulating behavior pattern", a "women's image of the 1950s" and "structural sexism".

The Board of Trustees deprived Knabe of the confidence that he could initiate or credibly represent "the much-needed cultural change in the foundation". The driver posts must be advertised. Before the transfer, the former federal commissioner for Stasi documents, Marianne Birthler, was appointed as confidential adviser.

The Berlin deputy Kai Wegner (CDU) accused Lederer of having planned the expulsion of Knabe from a long hand. Other associations of DDR victims protested. Dieter Dombrowski, president of the Union of Victims & Associations of Communist Tyranny, who is also on the Board of Trustees, said Monday that the representatives of the federal state of Berlin and the federal government will hold the advisory board at a special meeting in two weeks. to inform.

Another member of the advisory board was irritated by the open letter to Kultursenator Lederer on Monday. Jens Giesecke of the Center for Contemporary History Potsdam (ZZF), who in previous years had already made internal criticism of the working atmosphere in the monument, called the letter unilateral.

"I am shocked that in the letter without words the worries of the affected workers are mentioned," said Giesecke de Tagesspiegel. "We will also have to discuss the joint responsibility of the advisory board for the situation that has arisen."

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