State elections in 2020 in Hamburg: the CDU takes the full risk


Election of citizenship 2020 The CDU takes the full risk

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  The CDU of Hamburg announced on Sunday that Aygül Özkan would be her top candidate   The CDU of Hamburg announced on Sunday that Aygül Özkan would be her top candidate

The CDU of Hamburg announced on Sunday that Aygül Özkan should be their top candidate

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If the CDU of Hamburg wants to succeed in the state television 2020, it must succeed almost simultaneously. The staff proposal Aygül Özkan arouses interest – and also involves a risk.

W he is spoken in a small circle in the political Hamburg at the CDU faction leader André Trepoll, and this happened again after the exclusive WORLD attention last week more often, he is usually praised: as a humorous interlocutor and as smart head.

And then often comes the big one: for a candidate for the mayor, it's not enough, the difference with SPD-based Peter Tschentscher is not big enough, so he could get a maximum of the stamstemmen of their own camp – and that is very small in Hamburg. So if the CDU wants to succeed, you have to do almost everything at once: convince your own followers, send them to other camps and even your own party leadership. Ole von Beust was the figure who sometimes succeeded.

Özkan is known only to insiders

Whether this can all be done with Aygül Özkan, of course, is still open – but in any case it is a staff proposal, which started as Trepoll, the signal would be clear been: the CDU gives up the fight, even in view of the recent polls that took place a year and a half before the elections.

Of course, Özkan is also a risk. Only insiders are known to the former civilian substitute and former social minister of Lower Saxony. The 47-year-old has caused a sensation during her participation in the government, and also because many things went wrong, such as a sort of charter for journalists. Her career in the economy, however, is impressive and time and time again her leadership role has been entrusted to her. And their Turkish origin and the derived explanations of integration matched well with time; Özkan is a modern and strong woman.

It will be exciting to see how she tends to the Greens. In any case, it is a new offer of talks by the CDU Hamburg with the other parties. Because one thing is clear: if the CDU can not offer the electorate a power option in time for the elections, it will not go any different than Dietrich Wersich 2015, which – although clever and humorous – only slightly less than 16 percent.

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