Statue of Recep Tayyip Erdogan located in Wiesbaden

It is gold, four meters long and in the middle of the city center: an Erdogan statue has been unveiled in Wiesbaden. The action is part of a art festival – and creates heated discussions.

The more than life-sized figure stands on the Platz der Deutschen Einheit – in the middle of the city center, in the immediate vicinity of the police station. The Erdogan presentation is part of the art festival "Wiesbaden Biennale", which this year has the motto "Bad News" and is known to provoke with art. This was reported by various media, including the Mainz newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung".

The provocation has succeeded in any case: the Staute caused a great sensation in the city. At the revelation, the attendees cheered the & # 39; Allgemeine Zeitung & # 39; toe. But even on her first night, the image was smeared, like photo's of the "Bild-Zeitung" show: "Fuck you" Erdogan is now written on his stomach, elsewhere the term "Turkish Hitler" can be read.

#Wiesbathing Erdogan statue built

On the site of German unity, a statue #Erdogan was unveiled tonight. The …

Posted by Rhein-Main News on Monday 27 August 2018

Social media users are appalled

Numerous photographs of the image can also be seen in the social networks, under which users comment on the artwork – with a few powerful words: "That is sick!" and "The stupidity of people is limitless" write users in the discussion column.

Compared to the "Allgemeine Zeitung" a Wiesbadener born in Turkey is also involved. He finds the action inappropriate – especially in view of the events in Chemnitz, where right-wing extremist demonstrations have taken place since a weekend's death: "Tonight terrible things happened in Chemnitz, the more incomprehensible it is that such an action is being carried out at that moment", the man told the newspaper.

"Because of this man my family died!"

He also reports that the mood was partially tense after the revelation. "Because of this man my family died!" Had to call a Syrian. The action poisoned the climate in the city, the man fears.

Erdogan supporters would have already used the opportunity to photograph themselves next to the statue: the "Bild-Zeitung" placed a photo showing how a man with a Turkish flag poses for the image.

The operators of the festival set up a news agency because of the great interest of the media.

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