Summer interview live: Merkel poses in the ARD

  • Merkel criticizes the violence of the debate after Ozil photo's
  • Chancellor gives SPD pension plans clear rejection
  • Job change for rejected asylum seekers leads to "wrong image formation"

The most important in short: Angela Merkel gave the ARD her traditional summer interview. The broadcast takes place at 6.30 pm, but after the record at 4 pm it was already known that the Chancellor rejects the initiative of Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz to secure the pension level until 2040. The coalition agreement only provides for protection of the pension level until 2025, after which the pension commission will come up with proposals. In the interview, Merkel is also asked about Sami A. and lane changes for asylum seekers, as well as the actions of the Dresden police against a ZDF team in the margins of a Pegida demo.

Follow the broadcast here in the live ticker:

18:47: "What should the legacy of your chancellor be later?"Hassel asks. The nice thing is that there are quite a few people who could handle it, while they are no longer chancellor Merkel who grins. She then referred to the great task of making Europe an important factor in the world to keep the peace. This closes the almost 20-minute summer interview.

18:45 hours: Hassel drives through the subjects, is it now trump on the line. Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas had said that Germany should be an antipole. "In general, that also goes in the same direction," Merkel said, as she once said.

18:42: It's about the record summer, the drought. What does Merkel, the so-called climate chancellor, say about the pressure of the EU? new climate targets put? "I think we should now achieve our goals," she says. Setting new goals does not mean anything. One has "all the trouble" with the current goals until 2030.

Merkel refuses the lane change

18:39: change of subject line. Should rejected asylum seekers continue to work here? "I do not think the term is right," says Merkel. It creates a false picture, if the impression is created, that you come as an asylum seeker or refugee and then simply change the track in the direction of a shortage of skills.

18:37: A general year of service for refugees? Merkel says she wants to discuss in the party how a social service can be made possible – "not as an emergency solution for non-existing health care providers." It supports the initiative of its Minister for Economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU), which seeks a legal right to a voluntary year. If the young people wanted to, the state should offer them this opportunity.

"I did not like it at all": addressed to Özil debate, Merkel is clear

18:35: Next topic: daily racism. Federal president Steinmeier had clearly stated that there was no biomedicine, he said. "Why do not you get clear statements from them?" Hassel asks. Merkel, somewhat bewildered, defends himself: "I have said so often to people with a migrant background that I am your Federal Chancellor." In the case of Ozil, who has re-ignited the debate, she has a "very clear opinion", Merkel says. You could discuss the photo, but: "I did not like the kind of discussion that followed," Merkel says. You also have to take care of the well-being of those affected: if people like Ozil do not feel well treated, you have to take this seriously, she says.

Power word in the case of Sami A.

18:33: Merkel refers to the case of Sami A., who was deported despite the decision of the court. Nothing can slip away, Merkel says. In the language one has to hold very strongly on the fact that we also regard the institutions in their independence & # 39 ;. If you ask for her personal opinion, she does not exult at every decision of the court, Merkel says. But the independence of the courts is of fundamental importance for democracy.

Merkel gives the SPD a pension basket

18:31: Merkel gives the SPD a basket in her pension. "Communicate something different every day, the uncertainty increases rather than providing security." She referred to the pension committee whose proposals must be awaited. "Please do not make any uncertainty, that is my request to the SPD." Although the pension should continue to rise, it is also about fairness between generations & # 39; For this the "right balance" must be found.

18:31: First, it is the coalition summit. When asked what it is going to do, Merkel avoids saying that they were just sitting together as three representatives of the government yesterday and that they only wanted to make important decisions in the coming weeks. "With the pension, it does not really hold out," Merkel says when asked again. It is on the right track, there are still some open points that will be discussed "very quickly" with Andrea Nahles.

6.30 pm: And you go with the summer interview. The questions are asked by Tina Hassel.

18:18: The draw for the 2nd DFB Cup round still runs on ARD. In a few minutes the pre-recorded summer interview with Angela Merkel will follow.

Everything that already became known after the recording:

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Sami A. in connection with the debate on illegally deported Islamists, to question the independence of the courts.

"If this independence from the institutions in the country is no longer respected, democracy would not be complete," Merkel said on Sunday in the "summer interview" of the ARD program "Report from Berlin". "That's why you have to be careful."

The Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, had accused the judges, they do not have enough of the legal sense of the population in prospect. He later regretted the statement. The Upper Administrative Court of Münster had determined that Sami A., who had been deported to Tunisia and was considered a threat by the security authorities, had to be returned to Germany.

Merkel demanded: "We must respect the court's decisions." Here "nothing should slip away". Great care must also be given in the language to the respect for the institutions and their independence. "Because democracy is more than just somebody in one way or another gets a majority," said the Chancellor and called for the protection of minorities, press, demonstration and independent courts.

In connection with the controversial action of the police in a Pegida demonstration against a ZDF team on 16 August, Merkel said it was very important that the Dresden police commissioner spoke to the ZDF team and found clear words. The Saxon Premier Michael Kretschmer (CDU), who initially praised the action of the police on Twitter, could not prescribe what he had to do. But Kretschmer will certainly include the latest events if he is asked for a response. But she does not doubt that "Kretschmer really has a high press freedom".

At the same time Merkel rejected considerations for a so-called lane change of rejected asylum seekers on the German labor market. "To get the signal out, you can come, and it is basically no longer differentiated, I think that is not true," she said on Sunday in the "summer interview" of the ARD program "Report from Berlin".

It creates a false picture, if the impression is created, that you come as an asylum seeker or refugee and then simply change the track in the direction of a shortage of skills. Merkel referred to an existing residence permit for people who have been allowed to work here for two years after completing an internship. In addition, there is one in the discussion about a Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz. This was a huge step for the Union after decades of being banned.

The "change of lane" in fact means that asylum seekers who are rejected and only tolerated but well integrated and have a job can remain in Germany through immigration legislation.

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