Summer interview: Merkel against "lane change" for rejected asylum seekers


summer interview Merkel against "lane change" for rejected asylum seekers

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"The lane change creates a wrong image"

Should rejected asylum seekers be granted a right of residence if they have a vocational training or work? The chancellor speaks out in the ARD summer interview against the "lane change".

Angela Merkel sees the attempt to integrate rejected asylum seekers into the German labor market at a later date as a competent employee. The pension plans of Olaf Scholz do not share the chancellor either.

BChancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) rejects considerations for a so-called lane change of rejected asylum seekers on the German labor market. "To get the signal out, you can come, and it is basically no longer differentiated, I think that is not true," she said on Sunday in the "summer interview" of the ARD program "Report from Berlin".

It creates a false picture, if the impression is created, that you come as an asylum seeker or refugee and then simply change the track in the direction of a shortage of skills.

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Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer

Merkel referred to an existing residence permit for people who have been allowed to work here for two years after completing an internship. In addition, there is one in the discussion about a Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz. This was a huge step for the Union after decades of being banned.

The "change of lane" in fact means that asylum seekers who are rejected and only tolerated but well integrated and have a job can remain in Germany through immigration legislation.

Merkel rejects pension pressure

Merkel has also sharply rejected the SPD proposal for a pension guarantee until 2040. "Communicating something different each day increases uncertainty instead of offering certainty," Merkel said. She referred to the work of the Pension Commission, which deals with the future of pensions and whose proposals Merkel wants to wait.

"Please do not worry about that, that is my request to the SPD," said the Chancellor. Deputy Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz (EPD), have demanded that the current pension level be set in 2040. In the Union this is rejected because of the high costs.

Merkel said on Sunday that the pension should continue to rise. But it is also about "intergenerational justice". The youth must not be overburdened, but the "right balance" must be found.

With regard to the pension package of the Federal Minister for Labor, Hubertus Heil (SPD), which sets a guarantee for the pension level up to 2025, Merkel is confident that an agreement can be found soon. "We are really in a good way", Merkel said in the interview that was broadcast on Sunday evening. An agreement will be concluded "very quickly".

A summit meeting between Merkel, Scholz and Federal Minister of the Interior and CSU leader Horst Seehofer ended with no result on Saturday evening. Merkel now said that the issue should also be discussed with the leaders of the Union and the SPD. The meeting on Saturday night had been "important".

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