Summer is coming back again

Relatively cool and usually dry, that's the weather in Germany this weekend. Significantly higher temperatures are predicted for the coming week.

After the weeks of heat, the cooling that many people want is present, but many regions have to wait for more plentiful rainfall. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects the coming days with varying, cool or only moderately hot weather, as he announced in Offenbach.

For Sunday, the meteorologists for the west and south-west predict partly Aufheiterungen for some time, only close to the coast and in the south-east more clouds and partly rainy rain are possible. Locally it can also flash and thunder, the thunderstorms will probably disappear during the day.

On Tuesday up to 28 degrees

The maximum temperatures on Sunday are between 17 degrees on Borkum and in the mountains and up to 22 degrees in the sun in the west. A weak wind is expected. Monday would bring clouds and rain to the north. In the south it often has to remain dry and serene at peak temperatures of 21 to 25 degrees. It is said that a weak to moderate wind blows from west to southwest, which sometimes turns out to be strong or stormy on some parts of the coast.

The DWD also expects a lot of clouds in the north on Tuesday, while loosening in the south. It remains largely dry, with daily highs of 22 degrees in the northeast and between 22 and 28 degrees in the southwest expected.

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