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Wismar – He just wanted to go home – then a Syrian (20) was intercepted by three thugs, beaten with an iron chain. Now arrest warrant against a suspect!

A relative of the victim from Wismar (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) to BILD: "He was in the mosque, wanted to go back and was attacked by three Germans." They said he had to go back to his country. "And:" He was hit with a heavy chain, a neighbor took the police. "

The victim got a broken nose and bruises. The 20-year-old was planning to train as a caretaker after arriving in Eastern Syria in 2015.

Now one of the suspected assailants (26) is behind the bars – an urgent suspicion of a dangerous attack. He would have taken the victim to the ground while the two were beating and kicking him. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor: "The accused denied the accusation and stated that he himself was the victim of an attack."

Also in Sondershausen (Thuringia) there was a violent attack. A man from Eritrea (32) was seriously injured. According to the police, xenophobic slogans were mentioned in the attack. It is still unclear whether it concerns xenophobia or medication.

State protection investigates four men (21, 31, 34, 40) from the right-wing spectrum.

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