Syrian with baby pushed into pond

A group of five insults Rostock Syrians. A man becomes violent and pushes a woman and a baby into a pond. Now the police are looking for him.

In a xenophobic attack, a Syrian woman with a baby in Rostock was pushed into a pond. The attacked and her six-month-old grandson were unharmed. Only the clothes were soaked and damaged a cell phone. The police said.

Earlier, the 48-year-old and her two adult daughters in the Toitenwinkel district were offended and offended by a group of five people. Anti-constitutional slogans should also have been mentioned. According to police, she was then pushed by an alcoholic of about 30 years. She then stepped into the pond, which was about 40 centimeters deep.

The Rostock police are now looking for the attacker. She describes him as follows: man, about 30 years old, bare, 1.60 to 1.65 meters tall, slim, unkempt and well drunk. The police will advise you by calling 0381/6588224.

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