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In an accident on the A2 the driver of a tank truck died Monday. The man had apparently missed a jam-end at 3.30 pm at the crossroads of Hannover-East and was transported to another truck. The tanker caught fire. The driver who was stuck in his cabin could only be found dead from the wreck, police said. The 46-year-old driver of the other truck was slightly injured.

A burning tank truck is on a highway. © HannoverReporter

Accident on A2: tanker in flames

After a rear-end collision, a tank truck collided at Hanover in flames. The driver died at the scene of the accident. There were massive traffic obstructions on the A2.

Tank truck was unloaded

Initially, the accident also affected traffic in both directions: because it was unclear exactly what the vehicle had loaded and as a result a possible explosion was not excluded, the fire department could only extinguish it from further afield. As a precautionary measure, the police have completely closed the A2 at the Hannover-Ost junction. In addition, all feeder lines on the A2 towards Dortmund are blocked. In the early evening the police were able to make everything clear: the tanker was unloaded, this had led to extra research.

Significant traffic barriers

Blocking the A2 in the direction of Berlin can be reversed in the evening. In the opposite direction, this hesitates: due to the constant clearance in the accident, the site can not be foreseen when the block is lifted in the direction of Dortmund, said a spokesman for the police on Monday evening. In the Hannover-Ost cross it comes to traffic obstructions. Sometimes traffic was stuck on more than 13 kilometers in length. Traffic is diverted via the parallel carriageway.

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