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07:00 | Police union warns of self-justice

After the incidents in Chemnitz, the Union of Police (GdP) warned of the risk of increasing self-sufficiency with regard to the continuing staff shortage. In an interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung", GdP federal president Oliver Malchow said: "The state is there to protect its citizens with the police and the judiciary, but if it can no longer be done in the eyes of many citizens. take the law into your own hands and trust in civilian guards and self-reliance. "According to GDP, the state is to blame for this development. Due to the years of dismantling of 16,000 national jobs at the police, all emergency services are always planned. Malchow said: "For deployment situations such as in Chemnitz, there would always have to be a few hundred colleagues in the reserve, which is completely unrealistic."

06:45 | SPD internal expert warns Chemnitz from civil warlike circumstances

The SPD interior expert Burkhard Lischka warned after the unrest in Chemnitz against the danger of civil warlike circumstances. "There is a small right-wing crowd in our country that takes all the precautions and will take its violent fantasies of civil war-like conditions on our roads," Lischka said in the "Rheinische Post" in Düsseldorf. According to Lischka, it is clear that one of the parties in the German Bundestag applauds these excesses towards foreign fellow citizens as a justified civilian guard "that the majority of our country must become even louder when it comes to the rule of law, democracy and cohesion in our society."

17:40 | Injured and aggressive mood at demonstrations in Chemnitz

In clashes of right and left demonstrators, at least six people were injured in Chemnitz in the evening. The police said that the participants threw fireworks and objects in both camps. Injured people also gave it to the departure of a right-wing citizen movement. Observers estimate the number of demonstrators from the right environment at 5,000. On the left it should have been around 1000. Some demonstrators from the right-wing camp showed the Hitler salute. The police were on the site with water cannons. The cause of the protests was riots at the weekend on the edge of the city festival in Chemnitz. A 35-year-old German was killed by stabbing. The District Court of Chemnitz has issued arrest warrants for a Syrian and an Iraqi for joint murder.

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