The defendant injured law enforcement officers in court

During the trial of the murdered Mia from Kandel, according to SWR information on Friday, a melee arose between the suspect and various judicial officers. An official was injured.

Mourning for Mia (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa, Mourning for Mia)

The accused would have murdered the 15-year-old Mia out of jealousy and revenge

Mourning for Mia

The incident took place during the current test. When the mother of the murdered 15-year-old from Kandel (Germersheim district) in South Germany made her statement, the defendant jumped up and accused him of two judges who were directly behind him. It came to a violent clambering party.

Defendant overwhelmed

Eventually, other police officers and police officers joined in, condemning the suspects and handcuffing him. A lawyer was wounded by a bite in his hand. He was treated in the hospital. The process is continued anyway.

Stronger security measures?

It is unclear whether the defendant is stuck on the trial days all the time, or if the security measures are being tightened up – even if there is no official statement. According to SWR information, he was handcuffed and confined in court during the trial on Monday, but his fetters were removed. Until now, the accused had behaved quietly in the courtroom.

Incident not officially confirmed

Landau Landau did not officially confirm the incident. The refugee from Afghanistan has been responsible since mid-June for murder in a non-public trial before the juvenile court. According to reports, he put his ex-girlfriend Mia in Kandel in December in a drugstore. The case had caused national excitement. The verdict is expected to be announced at the end of August.

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