The government lowers the victim's pension for NS victims – because they are at home

Because of her stay in the nursing home, the federal government has reduced the compensation of 13 victims of National Socialism. The financial need has changed.

Now that they live in the nursing home, the federal government has reduced the compensation for Nazi victims. The 13 victims receive only 352 euros per month. This is the result of a reaction from the parliamentary finance minister, Bettina Hagedorn, on the left group.

The argument: others pay costs

The ministry claims that when moving to a house, other institutions will be added to cover the costs so that the financial needs change. The case of the Wehrmacht deserter and later peace activist Ludwig Baumann, who died in Bremen on July 5, recently caused a sensation.

Because he had reported the move to a nursing home late, his son received a repayment claim of about 4,000 euros after his death. The sender was subordinate to the Ministry of Finance of the federal government. With the reduction of the compensation for other victims of National Socialism, the discussion seems to be starting a new round.

Schüuble introduced

A total of 149 living victims of Nazi injustice, such as victims of euthanasia, forced sterilization, homosexuals and deserters, received victim's pensions according to the guidelines of the General Inheritance Law. On average this is about 600 euros – with the current 13 reduced pensions for victims, the federal government is aiming for savings of around 4,000 euros per month. This raises the question in particular of the effect of the cuts in the victims of National Socialism. The regulation was introduced in 2014 under CDU Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

It is still unclear whether in the case of the war deserter Baumann the ministry continues to insist on repayment by his son. A dpa application has remained unanswered until now. Baumann, who had been sentenced to death for war treason and then sent to a concentration camp, received a victim's pension since 1993. In 2017, the winner of the Aachen Peace Prize moved to a house; instead of 660 euros, only a "own pocket money" of 352 euros was approved for that time.

In 2015, the current SPD federal finance minister, Olaf Scholz, as mayor of Hamburg, opened a memorial for deserters in the Hanseatic city with Baumann.

The left now wants to submit an application quickly to the Bundestag to lift the containment rule when moving to a nursing home. "This arrangement is not at all understandable and very shameful," said group chairman Jan Korte. "For the state it is about peanuts, but for the few surviving victims it is about their dignity and sometimes about existential issues."

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