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The left boss Katja Kipping away from the
The movement "stood up" at a distance, but at the same time expressed their hope for their support for red-red-green majorities in the parliaments. Kipping said in the ARD broadcast Report from Berlinshe does not want to be a member of getting up because she already has one
to have a political home – that is left. Their party leader in the Bundestag
Sahra Wagenknecht wants to present the movement Tuesday in Berlin.

Kipping said she was
curious, "whether and how" yourself Wagenknecht Join
is preparing for a change of government and policy. It will be decisive "that we have left progressive majorities
of Union and AfD. Then I am happy with every initiative ".
Kipping said she welcomed it, "when Oskar Lafontaine and Sahra Wagenknecht joined
Join this goal now and then we pull together

Do not make scapegoats a scapegoat

Without mentioning the two friends of the party,
Kipping warned of the fight
for social security and for freedoms against each other.
Wagenknecht had complained that the left had not reached certain backgrounds, and
he turned against unlimited migration on the German labor market. She also warned of a "boundless welcome culture". Kipping
said, however, that migrants should not become scapegoats:
"You have to be realistic about the problem of migration and immigration
but in a solidary, constructive way. "

The left chairman spoke about the "progressive
Forces "in Germany a big task – namely another
Shift to the right, a "government of the split" and "Austrian
Avoid circumstances. "It was
"open, that this country will also go the way of Austria, the
in black and blue, a coalition of the extreme right with the conservatives
empties. That would be devastating for this country. & # 39;

Against coalitions with the CDU in the East

Kipping clearly spoke against one
Coalition from the left with the CDU in Saxony after the state elections 2019, the
the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther (CDU), brought into play
had: "I myself come from Saxony and therefore say from the deepest
Conviction and also through years of experience: The CDU Saxony stands for
social cold. It stands for job losses and a devastating trivialization
the danger from the right. This CDU is being voted down and not with our votes
to the office. "

was re-elected in June with 64.5 percent as a left-wing boss. the
The conference was overshadowed by the dispute over the refugee policy in the
Mainly between opponents and proponents of faction leader Wagenknecht
was led. The power struggle within the party has been going on for some time;
Kipping and Wagenknecht in particular are regarded as enemies.

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