The search continues: no new notes about the whereabouts of Ali S. – Welt

After the publication of a mugshot, the police in Düsseldorf have received countless references to the alleged killer Ali S. "Unfortunately, however, we did not get any indication of where it could be," said a spokeswoman for the police Wednesday morning. How many hints were received, the spokeswoman made no statements.

The civil servants continue to search nationally for the 44-year-old kiosk staff. All of Ali's inrush addresses known to the police have been visited, said the spokesperson.

He knew his victim

Reportedly, the man put a 36-year-old woman on the street in Düsseldorf on Monday. He and his victim knew each other according to the police. The single woman lived near the kiosk where the man worked. The motive for the deed is still unclear.

Ali S. is therefore a recognized refugee from Iran. He came to Germany in 2001. His eight brothers also lived here. (AP)

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