The weather in Germany: the weekend is cool and cloudy

The weather in Germany: the weekend is cool and cloudy – SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Midsummer "light"

Last enough of the summer? This weekend it will be cool and cloudy in many places. But temperatures should rise again in the coming week.

Rain in Frankfurt


Rain in Frankfurt

A cool and cloudy weekend is approaching. In some regions, the temperature does not even rise to 20 degrees.

For this Saturday the German Weather Service (DWD) said 16 to 22 degrees ahead. Thunderstorms can be expected in many places with showers and in the north and north-west. In the southeast of Bavaria it is expected to rain for a long time. At night, meteorologists expect a maximum of six to twelve degrees.

According to the DWD it looks better on Sunday: the sun shines between the clouds, especially in the west and southwest. During the day it remains comparable to temperatures of 17 to 22 degrees as on Saturday. There will still be shivers along the coast and in the southeast. & # 39; At night temperatures drop to four to eleven degrees.

The coming week will be a bit more summers, but with relatively moderate temperatures. Up to 25 degrees the DWD awaits on Monday. The weather will be dry and sunny, especially in the south. That is why there are still many showers in the north and north-west.

According to a forecast of ten days by the DWD, the temperature will rise again from Tuesday to 28 degrees. The sun is shining and it stays dry. On Wednesday, so even 30 degrees are possible in the Lausitz, during thunderstorms in the west.

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