Thuringia Minister of Home Affairs speaks of legal victory

"The goal remains for the neo-Nazis in Mattstedt, I am very happy," said Maier on Saturday via the short message service Twitter.

Mattstedt. Thuringia Minister of Internal Affairs Georg Maier (SPD) evaluates the prevention of a legal rock concert Mattstedt in the Weimarer Land as a stage victory. "The gate stays inside for the neo-nazis MattstedtI am very happy, "said Maier on Saturday via the short message service Twitter. The fight against right rock concerts Thuringia but must continue. "There will be more registrations", so Maier, Thuringia In recent years it has repeatedly been the location for major concerts of the right-wing scene – this year, among others, in the South Thuringia region. Themar,

In the small village Mattstedt a neo-Nazi concert was planned with several thousand participants, which may not take place on an industrial site after a decision by the administrative court on Friday evening. After several initiatives against actions against the legal rock concert Mattstedt had called, there were also demonstrators. The police fired members of the right-wing scene who arrived at the planned concert when they arrived.

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