Ticker: demo and counter-demo in Chemnitz

20:35 | Rights march over the ring of the inner city

In the meantime, the right-wing demonstrator has started to move to the inner city ring. According to an MDR reporter, more than 5,000 people now take part in the march. According to unconfirmed reports, the counter-demonstrators want to gather in the Stadthalle-park and then run in the direction of Johannisplatz, where they want to meet the law in sight. Currently the location is quiet. The police accompany the right demo through the streets.

20:03 clock | Police start with water cannons

Between the two demonstrations the violence swings higher and higher. As an MDR reporter reports, right-wing protesters throw bottles and fireworks at the counter-fire. Short chaos and escape with the opponents. Police siren is crying. The police ride with two water cannons and warns the demonstrators against committing crimes. If this is not respected, the water cannons would be used. Folders of the correct demo try to calm the participants. Additional policemen come with demonstration vehicles for demonstration. The right demo goes towards Mühlenstraße.

19:30 | Speaker berate mayor

With the demo of the asylum attackers, a man gets a lot of applause for his speech. He calls, in 2015, the mayor of Chemnitz, Barbara Ludwig, said, everyone is welcome. Apparently she also meant the current suspect. "You are a shame for this city", the man calls with a lot of applause. Participants of the extreme right-wing splinter party "III. Weg" keep posters up with "Stop asylum flood!". Other demo participants are waving flags from Germany.

19:10 | Proper demo still not marched away

The start of the right-wing protest train through the center of Chemnitz has been delayed. Individual speakers are currently speaking with the participants. The opening speaker praised that many had shown the courage to show their faces. Meanwhile, the mood between the two demonstration camps is getting hotter. The right-wing protestants shout "Liespresse!" or "We are louder, we are more!" chanted. The counter-protesters from the other side answer with "Nazis out!"

18:50 | Rights lay the wreath at the crime scene

Approximately 200 participants of the right-wing demonstration laid a wreath on Sunday morning for the victim of the knife attack. The group was screened by police officers because the crime scene is not in the area of ​​the site for the approved demonstration. Meanwhile, the number of demonstrators has grown to more than 1,000. Among the participants are according to an MDR reporter some openly recognizable right-wing extremists. But the call was also followed by many bourgeois participants.

18:40 | Right-wing protesters gather

In the meantime, about 800 to 1,000 people have gathered for a right-wing rally for the Marx monument. The police have strengthened their troops. Water cannons were also brought into position. As reported by an on-site MDR reporter, the organizers of the right demo are apparently still looking for folders. Until they are not ready, the demo can not start. Among the participants are also members of the extreme right splinter party "III.Weg".

18:20 | Police locks crossroads

Police emergency services switch off the intersection of the Bridges Roads of the United Nations. Between the two demonstrations, the police set up a chain of auxiliary vehicles. The atmosphere is peaceful – only the slogans are sung by the counter-demonstrators.

18:05 | The police separates protesters with massive squadrons

The police separate both demonstrations in the center of Chemnitz. Many participants in the area have moved to the barriers on the bridge road and are calling the demonstrators across the street to say: "There is no right to Nazi propaganda". There are the first participants in a right-wing demonstration, which should start in half an hour.

17:55 | About 1,000 participants at "Chemnitz nazifrei"

Approximately 1,000 people gathered in front of the Stadthalle in Chemnitz to demonstrate against xenophobia and neo-Nazis. Spokesman for the alliance "Chemnitz nazifrei" and representatives of local and state politics plead for tolerance and peaceful coexistence. At the same time, participants of a migration-critical demonstration gather for the Karl Marx monument. This should start at 6.30 pm. Both rallies are separated by a strong police force.

17:30 hrs First demo participants move to Chemnitz city

The first participants of two demonstrations come together in the center of Chemnitz. For the Stadthalle the Alliance "Chemnitz nazifrei" has announced a demonstration. According to an MDR reporter about 400 people are mainly young. A few meters away, in front of the Karl Marx monument, the organizer of a second demo hung a large banner. This is the Anton Günther saying "Deitsch un & # 39; free woll & # 39; n mer sei!" read. This demonstration will begin around 6.30 pm.

17:17 | Minister of the Interior calls for calm and prudence

Police and prosecutors in Chemnitz inquired about the state of the investigation into a deadly mes attack and subsequent demonstrations in the city on Monday afternoon. Sonja Penzel, president of the police, Chemnitz, said that the police are currently busy analyzing video's of demonstrations on Sunday afternoon. During this unannounced deployment of about 800 people, there had been attacks on police officers and bystanders. Penzel called on the population to make video's or photos available for the police to quickly resolve any crimes. The Minister of the Interior of Saxony, Roland Wöller, stressed that the order of the day was calm and calm. "We will not leave the street for violence and chaos." Police Commissioner Penzel said the police were well prepared for the demonstrations of the late Monday afternoon.

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