Two German mountaineers come to the same place

Evil surprise for the Austrian mountain rescue workers: in search of a missing German mountaineer they encounter a second corpse – also a German mountaineer.

In a search for a German mountaineer in the Zillertal, Austrian troops accidentally found another deadly man from Germany. It concerns himself with the dead around a 57-year-old from Baden-Wuerttemberg, the police communicated.

The man had been on the long-distance road from Munich in the direction of Verona and would have crashed Tuesday, he said. The theologian left for the trek on 13 August. How it happened until the accident is currently unclear.

The search was actually started because of a 57-year-old German. The family man from Herbstein in Hesse had slipped on a wet stone at 2400 meters when he crossed a stream and then about 100 meters through the rocky streambed. The climber could only be found dead.

The second body was then found about 50 meters under the dead man from Hesse. The theologian would also have crashed through the power bed.

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