Two-year-olds spent an hour swimming with animals

Two-year-olds spent an hour swimming with animals

Grassau. Around 70 meters the crying child was driven to the water, while swimming returned to his overloaded mother after about an hour.


(Icons) Photo: (Volker Weihbold)

On a swimming animal, a two-year-old boy is driven unattended in the Chiemsee for about an hour. The incessantly crying child was drawn safely by washing guests from the overseas beach ashore, as the police announced on Wednesday. Earlier, the boy had been driven to the water for about 70 meters.

From the parents the information was initially far and wide to see something. After a search, among other things by announcing the loudspeaker, the 26-year-old mother was finally found on the beach. She had a six-year-old son with her.

The single mother, according to the police, was completely overwhelmed and regretted the incident. She now expects a criminal complaint due to dereliction of duty. Moreover, the youth welfare agency Traunstein was informed.

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