Umweltverband BUND is threatening to phase out the coal supply

Berlin / Dusseldorf (dpa) – In view of planned clean-up work by RWE for a lignite above-ground mining, the environmental association BUND threatened with an exit from the coal commission. "When it comes to cleaning up, that would be a central conflict for us, which would imply our cooperation in the relevant coal committee," said Dirk Jansen, director of the NRW State Association of the Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation, the German news agency. "It is not that far yet."

The BUND is represented in the Commission by its chairman Hubert Weiger, whose next meeting is this Thursday. However, there are increasing conflicts about planned clean-up work by the energy company RWE in the Hambacher Forst for lignite mining there.

RWE director Rolf Martin Schmitz had called the clean-up work planned in October in a letter to the chairmen of the coal commission "absolutely essential". Otherwise the generation of electricity in power plants will eventually be questioned.

The Commission "Growth, structural change and employment" is expected to take an exit of coal-fired electricity generation by the end of the year and to submit proposals for the financing and structuring of structural changes in regions such as Lausitz and the Rheinische Revier. The panel consists of representatives from politics, science, industry, trade unions, environmental organizations and citizens' initiatives.

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