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Due to a lack of staff, the police often reach the limits of their capacity in their work. According to the police union, GdP lacked 20,000 jobs across the country. The responsibility for this lies mainly with the state.

In connection with the shortage of personnel, the risk of increasing self-justice rises above all – as happened in Chemnitz. "The state is there for, with police and
Justice to protect its citizens, "said the federal leader of the GdP, Oliver Malchow, who New newspaper Osnabrück, "If he does that in the
Eyes of many citizens, but they can no longer afford it, there is a danger
that citizens take the law into their own hands and on civilian forces
and build up vigilance. "

Social media in particular offers the possibility of rapid mobilization. In this way "can become a hunt for every village quarrel". These are violations that must be punished.

Over the years, 16,000 jobs have been lost to the police. According to the trade union, this leads to the conclusion that all task groups are in principle planned. Spontaneous missions are hardly possible anymore: "For deployment situations such as in Chemnitz, several hundred should always be
Keep colleagues in reserve. That is completely unrealistic ",
Malchow told the newspaper. The failure is mainly in the state, which caused this problem by huge cuts.

On Monday evening were in renewed protests in Chemnitz
Downtown injured at least six people
Service. After the two demonstrations were over, a police spokesman acknowledged that too few officials had been deployed.

Also on the Federal Police According to information from the trade union, staff shortage: Ernst G. Walter, head of the DPolG Federal Police Union, told Handelsblatt: "The federal police have since then almost completely retired from the area because of the sharp staff shortage." For example, the security of train stations is neglected: the employees of the federal police are assigned tasks at international airports, abroad and abroad.
Training area so busy that lack of presence of the police "
In North Rhine-Westphalia, about half of all railway police stations are not occupied.

"Make sure that the population does not lose confidence"

Walter warned of the consequences of a persistent staff shortage in the police: "We
must pay attention to that Population does not last that long
Trust in the functioning of security agencies loses
. "

The federal president of the German police union addressed the question to the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs Horst Seehofer (CSU) to employ 2,000 additional police officers in the near future. The federal police must be relieved of administrative tasks and supported in the operational field.

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