Union positions itself: Strictly no to coalition with AfD policy

"The AfD is our declared political opponent," Dobrindt said

9 hours ago

After Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), other prominent politicians in the Union categorically rejected any cooperation with the AfD. "The AfD is our stated political opponent," CSU country leader Alexander Dobrindt said the newspapers of the Funke media group. "In the Bundestag we have excluded cooperation with the AfD by a parliamentary decision, who comes to a different conclusion, not all the slats on the fence." Similarly, CDU vice-fuller Bouffier and CDU Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff of Saxony-Anhalt. In polls the AfD high scores continue to be received, even in the Emnid trend, 17 percent is now ahead of the SPD.

The new chairman of the CDU faction in Saxony, Christian Hartmann, had a coalition with the AFD in the coming year, and has since then faced sharp opposition from many sides. Even CDU leader Merkel has already clearly defined it: "I can exclude categorically."

Keep AfD as small as possible

In the Augsburger Allgemeine (Saturday) the Chancellor said: "We must do everything we can to make the AFD as small as possible." For them, that meant "taking seriously and solving" the problems people were displacing. "But even there we have to draw a clear line where there is hatred, where general suspicions exist, where minorities are marginalized.

Dobrindt was in favor of having the AfD partially guarded by the protection of the constitution. The party moves more and more from the right wing and tears off "the rules of right-wing extremism", he told the sparks. "At the left party some officials were observed by the Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution, which I also consider necessary for the AfD." Tendencies of radicalization are obvious. "AfD politicians are marching side by side with hooligans and right-wing extremists."

Coalition simply out of the question

CDU Vice Bouffier called a coalition with the AfD in Saxony "simply indisputable". "That can not be with us, which can not exist for the CDU Germany," said Bouffier in German radio. "That would be the wrong decision." The AfD is not a normal political competitor. "This party is getting further and further into the extreme corner and that is why it is a threat for Germany."

The CDU Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Haseloff, also continued to express his opposition: "I have always excluded a coalition with the AfD or the left party, which I clarified before the state election, of course also applicable to the period thereafter," said the CDU politician World on SundayWith him as head of the government an alliance with the AfD can not be done.

In the Emnid Sunday trend for the Photo on Sunday the AfD has now surpassed the SPD nationwide – for the first time in this survey. In the polling station's weekly poll, the AfD increases to 17 percent (+1), the SPD is one point compared to the previous week and ends at 16 percent. CDU and CSU reach only 27 percent (-1). In surveys by other research institutions, the AfD had already caught up with the SPD.

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