Unknown 150 sheep from pasture steal at Burow

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Around Tuesday at 6:50 PM the police were told that 150 sheep had been stolen from a pasture. The pasture is located north of Neubrandenburg, about two kilometers from Burow expansion (district Mecklenburg Lake District) in the direction of the Tollense.

The 58-year-old owner of the animals is a draftsman. According to the police, the perpetrators drove to the pasture with an unknown vehicle, drove the sheep together and put them on the vehicle. This is what the tire tracks suggest on the spot. The damage amounts to approximately 22,500 euros. The Kripo did the research.

Witnesses are asked to

at the Malchin police station (telephone 03994-231224),
in another police department or
via the internet guard (www.polizei.mvnet.de).

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