Vollmer wants to support the movement of Sarah Wagenknecht to get up

Sahra Wagenknecht wants to make a splash with a left wing movement called "stand up". Even former leader of the Greens Vollmer wants to support them.

Update from 19.08.2018:

Former member of the Greens Ludger Volmer supports the assembly movement "Sta op", founded by the left party leader Sahra Wagenknecht. "We are working on a left-wing majority," Volmer told the editorial network Germany (Monday). "It is about strengthening the left as a whole, so that there is a social counterweight for CSU and AfD." Volmer was disappointed by the Greens: "Today's Greens are no longer about the struggle against structural poverty, but about the beautification of civil life.

According to the husband of Wagenknecht, former left-wing president Oskar Lafontaine, the rally movement has the first days of its existence receive more than 50,000 subscriptions from supporters.The movement wants to appeal to people who no longer see themselves as politicians.

The leader of the left, Bernd Riexinger, said in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" "about the assembly movement:" This is not a project by Die Linke. It is a project of individuals. "Dietmar Bartsch, next to Wagenknecht head of the left party in the Bundestag, told the newspaper that until now the collection movement was" a fairly virtual project "with a website and a few videos." The problem is that Oskar Lafontaine and Sahra Wagenknecht is not necessarily for the merger of leftists. "

In response to Wagenknecht: university professors want to find" liberal movement "

Update of 17.08.2018: Ten German university lecturers according to a media report want a liberal political movement The initiative is called "Confidence in Liberal Society" and understands itself as a counterpart to the left-wing collection movement "getting up", the magazine Focus said on Friday's preliminary announcement, and wanted to talk to the Union, the SPD, the Greens. and the FDP, and fellow students are looking for teachers and students

"A liberal movement has never been as necessary as now, with liberal powers i n times of populism, intolerance and terror and political disenchantment more difficult ", said the Cologne professor Werner Bruns the magazine. Co-initiator Martin Wortmann, president of the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln and local politician active for the FDP, also criticized his own party. This is too much about the idea of ​​performance.

In the Left Party there are more setbacks in the meantime due to the new movement of Sahra Wagenknecht & # 39; get up & # 39 ;. Party chief Bernd Riexinger complained in a Friday published interview with the taz lack of communication with Wagenknecht – and indirectly expressed doubts about the influence of the collecting movement.

"To build social pressure, it is not enough to operate on the net" Riexinger said. "You have to take to the streets to demonstrate, actively support strikes, follow political education, go to the neighborhoods where nobody wants to know about parties, and if the collection movement wants to do that, it's welcome."

There were however, no corresponding discussions. "Unfortunately she was unable to reach a debate in the party management, I regret it," said Riexinger, looking at Wagenknecht. They have repeatedly invited the group leader for such interviews. Currently it is a "project of individuals who make demands that lie somewhere between the SPD and the left and which we have been representing for years."

Update of 12.08.2018: The former left-wing party Oskar Lafontaine wants to put the new left-wing collection movement "Get Up" in position against the AfD. In East Germany the AfD is "now the party of the workers and the unemployed", Lafontaine said the World on Sunday . "We also want to prevent the further strengthening of the AfD with this movement," he said. The AfD would be weaker if the Bundestag could again defend the interests of the majority.

"The AfD would not have the power today if the other parties had respected social interests and had not reduced pensions and social benefits," said Lafontaine. Existing social problems would be aggravated by immigration "through wage and rent competition". He assumes that the AfD will be weakened if the immigration is limited. The chairman Alexander Gauland spoke only about the positions of the AfD in the ZDF summer interview.

Lafontaine & # 39; s wife Sahra Wagenknecht wants to officially "get up" her collecting movement in early September. According to their own statements, the leader of the left party does not want to find a new party, but rather creates the conditions for new left-wing majorities in politics.

Survey about the collection movement & # 39; Taking off & # 39; van Wagenknecht

Update of 10.08.2018: Sahrawi Wagenknecht & # 39; s "Getting Up" collection movement can once again celebrate an early success with the number of 50,000 supporters already announced on Thursday: according to a survey by the Emnid Institute commissioned by the Focus news magazine, no less than 34 percent of Germans can imagine choosing the alliance in a Bundestag election.

The share of potential voters among the supporters of the Left Party is particularly high. 87 percent of them would be willing to vote for the movement. The share is 53 and 37 percent among supporters of the Green Party and SPD. The small catch: "getting up" in elections after the state of the previous considerations does not want to compete. The members of these find Wagenknechts idea space on the lists of other parties.

Lafontaine announces "new celebrities" in the Wagenknecht movement – political scientist accuses "Irrweg"

Saarbrücken – The left collection movement "getting up" has more in their first days than receiving 50,000 subscriptions from supporters. "We are very satisfied, we have not necessarily counted on such an influx," said former left-wing president and ex-SPD leader Oskar Lafontaine of the German press agency in Saarbrücken. Founded by Lafontaine's wife Sahra Wagenknecht from the left party, the movement "wants to appeal to those who have been disappointed for years, who no longer see themselves as politicians".

Lafontaine announces "celebrities" as new "standing" supporters

These include those who "sometimes also chose the AfD in protest", said Lafontaine. "These voters, who in principle reject the policy of the AfD, but only protest, we want to win back."

At the official presentation of the movement on 4 September, there were some celebrities present, "who have not yet made their views known and have announced their intention to move". Then there will be a number of national conferences on individual topics.

Criticism of Wagenknecht's collection movement: "Errweg", "stop assessing everything"

However, there was also criticism of the project on Thursday. Political scientist Ulrich von Alemann told Frankfurter Rundschau that Wagenknecht's wrong path & # 39; used to be. The left parliamentary leader does not get new left minorities with "standing up". "In my opinion, the potential might be 10 to 15 percent – and it would be at the expense of the other parties in the left-hand spectrum," said von Alemann.

The heads of a new "movement"? Sahra Wagenknecht and husband Oskar Lafontaine

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Last week Green European MEP Wagenknecht and Lafontaine had indirectly accused them of having acted in an authoritarian manner to start a real movement. "Whoever wants to collect must stop anyone who disagrees!", He tweeted.

Lafontaine: "If someone turns from Saul to Paul, that is exactly the aim of the movement . "

The website www.aufstehen.de of the new collection movement went online on Saturday. The official "Start of the movement" was announced on 4 September. Over the past few months, Wagenknecht has repeatedly campaigned for dissatisfied supporters of the SPD and Greens, who no longer identify with the direction of their party leadership. But she also saw herself – especially from her own ranks – being confronted with the accusation of poaching in the area around the AfD.

Also interesting: "Boundless Welcome Culture"? How Wagenknecht positions his relocation on the asylum problem

Lafontaine said that getting up is a non-partisan movement. There are no convictions for the members: "But anyone who registers with us must confess what our goals are, and if one of the Saul becomes Paul, that is exactly the purpose of the movement."

Requirements for the SPD and the Greens

The Saarland faction leader from the left said that it was "a failure of the parliamentary system" when the population reflected no longer holds the "majority for higher wages, better pensions and social benefits, for another foreign policy, against participation in war and arms deliveries and against environmental destruction "in parliament. The established party system was experienced as too rigid by many.

A new power option would only exist if "the SPD and the Greens are also changing". As long as the SPD adheres to the Agenda 2010, there is "no majority in the Bundestag, which takes into account the will of the population". The vast majority of the population did not want the agenda policy. As long as the Greens "reject themselves more or less as an extension of the US Department of State and reject peace and reconciliation with Russia" a new policy is not possible. That is why a movement "with the aim to bring about a substantial renewal of German politics, the right answer". "It would be totally against our intentions to speak of a new party now." Wagenknecht had said something similar before.

"Neoliberal party" – Lafontaine reprimanded AFD

Lafontaine told the AfD that this was "a neoliberal party" that has little in common with social issues. "However, all the research showed that many workers and unemployed people were suffering from the AfD. "They would come, if the AfD were to rule, from the rain to the eaves. And that is of course a challenge for all parties who want to be involved with the staff. "

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