Watzmann / Berchtesgaden: 33-year-old is the victim of death

Another accident happened at Watzmann – this time with a fatal outcome: a 33-year-old man from the Berchtesgadener Land fell 100 meters deep and died.

Schönau am Königsee – When climbing Watzmann a 33-year-old man from the Berchtesgadener Land district has fallen to a depth of 100 meters. According to the police, the man was probably alone on the road on Wednesday, he crashed without outside influence. Apparently, he had just reached the Watzmann mid-peak (2713 meters). Two witnesses called the emergency call.

The Watzmann with its 2713 meter altitude is one of the highest mountains in the Bavarian Alps.

Mortuary rescue at Watzmann: curious mountaineers are in the way

According to information from the BRK, the emergency services at the site of the accident, as with similar missions, again had the problem that the many mountaineers were constantly threatened by falling stones at the popular and crowded crossing above the patient. "Edelweiss 4" instructed the mountaineers via external speakers to leave the area and put a police driver who closed and guarded the area on the ridge above the gutter. According to the police, people were curious and too close to the gutter, making the mission unnecessarily difficult and dangerous. They stayed too close to the workshop, so that the mountain worker, who approached the dew, ran the risk of knocking bystanders on the mountain ridge. The announcements from the speakers did not stop people from going to the edge of the gutter above the mission site.

A few weeks ago there also happened an accident with the Watzmann: "Man collapses on Watzmann-eastern front: spectacular rescue mission".

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