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The Oktoberfest 2018 shows a positive interim result: 3.3 million people visited the Oktoberfest, considerably more than in 2017. The news for the Oktoberfest 2018.

The Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich has started. From 22 September to 7 October, the Volksfest attracts millions of visitors. All news about the Wiesn 2018 and important information can be found here in the news blog.

Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich: news about the Oktoberfest here in the news blog

September 30: 3.3 million visitors to the Oktoberfest, more than last year

It is estimated that a quiet and sunny Oktoberfest attracts 3.3 million visitors in the first week – 300,000 more than last year. "We really have an excellent late summer weather", said the Festleiter and the second mayor Josef Schmid (CSU) on Sunday.

More families, many children and older guests came. "We have a nice Oktoberfest with a good audience," said Schmid. This is also reflected in consumption: the guests drank just as much beer per capita as last year, but got a considerably increased appetite. They ate 70 oxen, ten more than in 2017. 29 calves also ended up on the plates. A candy comes very well this year: "The great renaissance celebrates the cotton candy."

Pickpockets stop diggers

On Friday there was a lot of work for the Taschendiebfahnder at the Oktoberfest. Around 8:30 PM the researchers became aware of a 31-year-old Pakistani who stroked a 21-year-old dancer on the tables over her leg and took hold of her bottom. When she shook hands with him, he pushed his 33-year-old with his fingers between the buttocks, which came in the favor with a bang. The man was arrested and punished with an entry ban.

At 9:00 pm the researchers observed a group of men between 20 and 30 years old who repeatedly sue, push and insult other visitors. The researchers informed the police and the three men were taken into custody. Later in the evening, around 11 o'clock in the evening, the researchers noticed a man from India who approached a group of women from behind and rubbed his member against them. A registration ban was also requested against him.

32-year-old arrested for sexual harassment

A Pakistani man abused a 25-year-old from Stuttgart at midnight on Friday. The woman lay on a hill when the 32-year-old arrived, grabbed her under the dirndl and introduced her a finger. The man was arrested and transferred to a detention center.

Brit wants a women's toilet in Dubai

A 31-year-old Briton drew attention on Friday when he dressed in a dirndl dressed as a woman tried to get into the ladies room. The security service stopped him several times and threw him out of the tent. Because the Dirndl courier reacted very aggressively, a transient task force intervened. The Brit knocked wildly and injured a policeman on his finger. He was transferred to a detention center.

In our podcast "Bayern-Versteher" discusses Wiesn– Lovers with someone who does not even go there.

September 29: Suspect turns to the police after a deadly Oktoberfest quarrel

After the fateful dispute at the Oktoberfest in Munich on Saturday afternoon, a 42-year-old man accompanied by his lawyer appeared at the police in Munich. The police said he said he was involved in the exchange on Saturday night. Earlier a witness had reported, who was heard in the afternoon. The police had searched the Internet for the woman who had noticed the incident and then reported it to the security service.

Two men crashed on Friday evening in the outdoor area of ​​Augustine's marquee. One pushed the other down and hurt him so that he died shortly thereafter. The cause of death was a brain haemorrhage, according to the autopsy. The guilty fled. The victim was a 58-year-old German from the Munich area, said a spokeswoman for the police.

According to findings, weapons were not involved in the conflict. The police investigate physical injuries that result in death.

September 28: women are harassed – police arrest three men

The police arrested three young men who approached and harassed women at the Oktoberfest in Munich. The three men of 21, 23 and 28 years old were arrested by the civilian police after a physical argument with the partner of a besieged woman.

At that time civilian officials intervened and, according to the police, clearly identified themselves as such. Nevertheless, the three men did not leave and the partner of the woman continued to beat. The police finally managed to arrest the three men. They were taken to the detention center of the Munich police station and offered to the magistrate.

During the arrest an officer was hit several times in the face and bruised. The ambulance service offered him.

Wiesngast only remembers the name of his wife

So drunk that you do not know yourself anymore? A young American only remembered his wife's name at the Oktoberfest, but not his, reported Aicher's ambulance on Thursday.

Security forces discovered that the young man was unconscious for a party tent. Although he was approachable in the ambulance station, he did not remember his name, his origin or his place of residence. What he remembered was his wife's name and American mobile phone number.

But nobody was available about that. A map of a hotel in Munich that he had brought the ambulance: the woman waited desperately. She had liked to embrace her husband-the couple, who had only been married for a year, now traveled to Venice, the city of lovers.

Over and over again, due to their medical condition, patients barely received information about their name, their place of residence, previous illnesses or contact details of relatives, explained to the medical service and advised Wiesnbesuchern to note the data. We also recommend the emergency passport in the mobile phone or an emergency card from another institution.

SEPTEMBER 27: Sexual intimidation ends in defeating a party tent

On Wednesday night, a 23-year-old in a party tent touched two women against their will – and then got into trouble with other guests. At about 8 pm the young man first tapped on the shoulder of a woman. When she turned around, he suddenly kissed her face.

Shortly thereafter he took the buttocks of another woman, after which the lady immediately wrestled with two blows in the direction of the man. When other guests became aware of the attacks of the 23-year-old, they intervened. They quarreled with the young man, which also led to physical arguments. The 23-year-old was injured.

The security service in the tent finally got inside and gave the overloaded man to the police. The criminal police have taken the investigation and check whether they are criminal offenses.

September 26: Wanted Wiesn waiter fails his escape attempt

On Monday evening, a 33-year-old tried to flee civil servants at the Oktoberfest. The police say that the Würzburg police warned the Wiesnwache that a 33-year-old Würzburger wanted to serve as a companion at Munich's Oktoberfest.

It was initially unclear in which tent the wanted man was serving, but then the 33-year-old was located and arrested around 10 pm. On his way to the guard of the Oktoberfest, he used the opportunity, according to the police and ran away between two tents in a side street. But the police took him only a few meters and brought him tied to the guard.

September 25: Different sexual assaults during the first Oktoberfest days

A 25-year-old would have raped the opening of Wiesn on Saturday 21-year-old. As the police say, the security guard saw the 25-year-old from the bushes on Saturday night around 11:30 PM, buttoning his leather trousers. In the bushes the 21-year-old lay next to her with her panties. The guard suspected this, so he contacted the police.

The 25-year-old man was provisionally arrested on the spot. In the course of the investigation, he was introduced to the magistrate, who had, however, not ordered pre-trial detention. The investigation will continue according to the police. The 21-year-old was heavily intoxicated and therefore could not give any information about the incident. She was examined by forensic medicine and treated for hypothermia in a clinic in Munich.

On Sunday afternoon, according to the police, there was a sexual harassment by a 27-year-old. The man hit a 20-year-old chest, another 20-year-old he tore the dirndl. The security service could hold the man until the police arrived. Because he did not give personal details and refused to take action, the officers temporarily arrested the man and temporarily brought him to the detention center.

There were two attacks on Monday night: at 10:15 a stranger from a 43-year-old selection king took a look under her skirt. When the woman noticed this, she called on the perpetrator to abandon this. The man responded denigrating, on which the 43-year-old poured her drink on him. Then the unknown man hit the woman with his cup in the face.

Around the same time, around ten o'clock, a selection worker prevented the rape of a visitor. A 32-year-old was heavily stunned and could not get up with the door open in the toilet where the employee found her. The 48-year-old employee then took a short break to call for safety. When she was home alone after a while, the toilet door was closed. According to the police report this was strange to the woman, so she unlocked the door with a square key and saw that for the 32-year-old a man with a pair of pants was down.

The security service, which had since arrived, was able to arrest the 26-year-old man and hand it over to the Einsatzgruppe of Wiesn-Wache. The woman, who had been completely dressed all the time, had heard nothing about it. She was transferred to the care of her friend. The 26-year-old was arrested and transferred to the detention center.

24 September: Very good start to the first Oktoberfest weekend

Wiesnwirte and show people are very satisfied. More than 800,000 visitors came to the Theresienwiese during the opening weekend, according to an estimate by the Ministry of Labor and Economy. That is about 200,000 more people than last year.

Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) also believes that he knows why: people feel safer again, he says in an interview with our editors. "They just want to have fun and have fun." It was with the visitors that the Oktoberfest was the safest place in Munich for the next few days, as the police had said in advance. He finds the vote a lot more positive this year. Despite the storm low "Fabienne" on Sunday evening, a successful kick-off weekend.

September 23: Rain brings Wiesn visitors home

Rain and heavy wind have brought many visitors to the Oktoberfest home on Sunday evening. People celebrated even more in the tents. The stormy "Fabienne" moved over a large part of Bavaria – and thus reached the Oktoberfest. No major damage was reported until the evening, police said. A construction fence fell, but was quickly put up again.

For the first time, the party leader had warned the visitors against the approaching storm at 7:20 pm. Later she told the guests via Twitter, "to interrupt the visit to the outdoor area of ​​the festival site."

The festival had started on Saturday with perfect Oktoberfest weather with sun and mild temperatures. Also on Sunday it lasted almost to the end. The last beer is available at 22:30 in most tents anyway.

9000 Trachtler goes to Oktoberfest

The rain was just right at the right time: the sun came through when about 9,000 Trawerler from different countries started their colorful train on Sunday in the direction of the Oktoberfest. On the still soaked streets, drummers and bands, armed men and marching bands walked through historic garments through Munich to the festival grounds. In between, Prachtgespanne drove the breweries.

Groups from many parts of Germany, Austria, South Tyrol, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina traveled to the procession, which is seven kilometers long and one of the largest in the world. Thousands of people walked through the streets to see the festive and colorful spectacle: brewers, blacksmiths and chimney sweeps in their guild costumes, hunters who symbolically brought wild suede, women with golden caps as a symbol of prosperity – and precious costumes time after time.

Also legendary figures were there as the folk hero Schmied von Kochel and the brewer & # 39; s daughter Bräurosl, who traditionally emptied a measure during the tour in the brewery every night. The train was led by the "Münchner Kindl", Viktoria Ostler. Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) and his wife Petra drove in an honorary career. He had opened the Oktoberfest on Saturday with the tapping of the first barrel. Later followed by the carriage of larkspur and gladiolus in the national colors white and blue decorated carriage with Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and his wife Karin.

The move dates back to 1835. At that time Trachtler and shooters moved to the silver wedding of King Ludwig I and Therese of Bavaria through the city. Their wedding had founded the Oktoberfest in 1810. In 1950, the procession of procession was revived.

False monk as the first "beer corpse" at the Oktoberfest

A fake monk was treated as the first Wiesn visitors on Saturday afternoon because of excessive alcohol consumption – only half an hour after the start of the Bierausschanks. The man had worn a hood, said the spokeswoman for the ambulance of the Aicher medical service, Ulrike Krivec. "We thought it was a monk." In the course of the treatment, however, it turned out that the 50-year-old Wiesgast was not a religious person.

The man was taken to the medical guard at 12.32 pm – the first beer was at 12 o'clock. Many visitors, who were waiting at the entrances to the festival grounds in the morning, already had beer in cans – and therefore well preheated.

114 nurses were on Saturday morning and had to treat 23 patients for the afternoon. Most of them had been injured in falls. The first emergency operation was half an hour before the puncture – a pregnant woman had collapsed in a tent.

September 22: Ozapft is! – Reiter opens 185th Oktoberfest with two strokes

The biggest people's party in the world said on Saturday: Ozapft is! With two passes, the mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter (SPD) tapped the first barrel of beer in 12 hours and opened the 185th Oktoberfest. For the first time, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) was in the ticking box in the Schottenhameltent – he traditionally received the first measure. Then the Wiesn guests also received the first beers in the tents. While Böllerschüsse announced the start, Reiter and Söder urged a peaceful Oktoberfest. "The Oktoberfest is perhaps Bavaria's most beautiful and biggest calling card in the world", Söder said shortly before the start. On the Söder side, his wife Karin Baumüller-Söder appeared in a blue dirndl.

Among the prominent guests of the Oktoberfest were former Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD), who traveled with his wife So Yeon Kim and television chef Alfons Schuhbeck. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU), inlaid Florian Silbereisen, presenter Carolin Reiber and several Bavarian politicians from various parties and cabinet members were on the first day of the party.

Already hours before the official start, hundreds of visitors to the Oktoberfest, almost all in dirndls and lederhosen, had waited in the autumn weather outside the cove. "We are already sorry," joked one of the early birds. The rush to the prelude is bigger this year, he said in the hosts. Despite less good predictions, it played along again. Munich expects a total of about six million visitors.

Fire brigade impedes arrival Oktoberfest

A fire service has hindered the arrival of many Oktoberfest guests in Munich. Just before the start of the world's largest folk festival, it burned in a house near the festival site. A fire had caught fire, the fire brigade said on Saturday. The smoke was spread through the ventilation system in the building. According to one speaker, there was no danger for Wiesn visitors. Many guests had to make a detour to the Theresienwiese because a central access road was closed.

The largest folk festival in the world takes place from 22.09. until 07.10.2018. Picture: Angelika Warmuth

O & # 39; Zapft is! The Oktoberfest is open

Image: Angelika Warmuth (dpa)

Waiting for the Oktoberfest: hundreds of waiting for the main entrance

Before the start of the Oktoberfest in Munich, queues have formed at the entrances. More than five hours before official tapping, hundreds of people waited for the inlet in the fall, many of them brought snack food – some of them glowed with beer. The first ones had arrived in the dark early in the morning. Numerous people in dirndls and lederhosen poured into the streets in the streets.

It is still empty in the tents.

Image: Peter Kneffel, dpa

21 September: Researcher: Increased methane emissions in Munich during the Wiesn period

In the Oktoberfest era not only does beer production in Munich increase enormously, but methane gas from the climate gas also releases considerably higher quantities. Researchers at the Technische Universität München (TUM) have discovered this. According to the researchers, sources of elevated methane include sewage from toilets and restaurants, gas grills in Oktoberfest tents and stalls, and gas supplies for radiant heaters, said Jia Chen, engineer and TUM professor of environmental sensor technology.

It is unlikely that the annual approximately six million visitors to the Oktoberfest are the cause of the increased methane. "Even half of all people do not produce any methane at all, and if so, just a few micrograms per second, so that even with a record oktoberfest the values ​​we have measured can never be reached," says the scientist. Flattening filled with beer and satisfied Wiesn visitors therefore play no role.

The methane concentration in the city is also slightly higher each year, explains the scientist. During the Oktoberfest, however, it was five times as high as before and after the festival. There is no danger of explosion. It is about concentrations of a few particles of methane per million air particles. "To be explosive, the proportion of methane should be ten thousand times higher."

September 20th: Countdown to the Oktoberfest: Wiesn boss presents innovations

Two days before the start of the Oktoberfest, the festival leader and the second mayor of Munich, Josef Schmid (CSU), present the innovations at the festival site on Thursday (10.30 am) on a traditional tour. There are some final preparations before Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) taps the first ton of beer this Saturday, which opens the world's largest folk festival. The novelties include a "jungle camp" where an orangutan greets the guests. In the "Chaos Pendulum" ride, space tourists can experience similar loads on their bodies as on space flights. In the southern part of the festival grounds, the Oiden Wiesn with its historic attractions and copper music is particularly pleasant.

The weather for the Wiesn opener is not fun, but dry

The weather will not show its best side during the start of the Oktoberfest on Saturday. In the water, the prelude to the biggest festival in the world, but probably not. Like that German weather service announced on Thursday, the sun on the day of the flat tire between the many clouds only a short time to see. However, the umbrella can remain in the cupboard for a trip to the Theresienwiese in Munich: according to experts, it only gets wet on the Alps in the morning. Pretty cool 10 degrees, the thermometer show Saturday morning. The temperatures can be loud DWD until noon, but still rise by a few degrees.

White-blue picture book heaven is rare in the first Oktoberfest days. For Sunday, meteorologists expect more clouds than sun. It can rain again and again. The night of Monday brings more showers and thunderstorms in the whole free state.

19 September: Wiesn Security: new fence, more cameras & "superherkenner"

With more video camera's, a new fence, access control and extra officials with body cams, the Munich police wants to ensure safety at the Oktoberfest this year. As in previous years, there is a ban on larger bags and backpacks, said police vice president Werner Feiler and district manager Thomas Böhle on Wednesday. Again around 600 police officers will be at work during the 16 festive days. There is a ban on overflying on the festival grounds – also for drones.

For the first time, the police are testing so-called & # 39; superrecognisers & # 39 ;. These are people who are particularly good at remembering faces of suspects and looking for them. It is said that they travel through the area this year, watching video's that come from 47 cameras, ten more than a year earlier. The mobile fence, which has closed a gap on the Theresienhöhe since 2016 and has completely closed the site, will be replaced by a fixed one. "It is of crucial importance for the administration department that the gate can also be opened outside in the event of overcrowding," says Böhle.

Wiesn hosts expect more guests: "Excellent location for reservations"

After two quiet years the Wiesn hosts and the city of Munich count on the Oktoberfest with a large crowd. There are significantly more reservation requests, said the second guest speaker Christian Schottenhamel. After the massacre at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum in Munich 2016 many reservations have been canceled. "You felt it because it was so up-to-date at the Oktoberfest." The number of guests fell to 5.6 million at that time. In 2017 it was 6.2 million. Last year the demand has already recovered, Schottenhamel said. "This year we have an excellent reservation situation." There are again considerably more requests from abroad. "The Americans who have stayed away now come back."

Wiesnchef Josef Schmid (CSU) also expects more inflow – just because the past two years were quiet and it was not so close. Many would have said: "May, such a beautiful Oktoberfest." The weather obviously plays a big role. "I hope we have 16 days of sunshine," said Schmid.

The crew of Lufthansa flies in traditional clothing and taps beer

Three days before the start of the Oktoberfest on Saturday in Munich, the Lufthansa stewards in Dirndl and Lederhose took part in the trip. The first costumes flight starts on September 19 in New York, with more to follow in various European cities, as well as in Singapore and Shanghai, as the airline has announced. For the first time in a long time it will also be fresh draft beer – just like in the sixties. Only business class members will enjoy it. For this purpose, an airworthy special vessel was selected, in which the carbon pressure is controlled by a valve. For example, an overpressure on board is prevented and the pin is possible at a height of 10,000 meters.

September 18: Lufthansa crew flies in traditional costume and taps beer

Three days before the start of the Oktoberfest on Saturday in Munich, the Lufthansa stewards in Dirndl and Lederhose took part in the trip. The first costumes flight starts on September 19 in New York, with more to follow in various European cities, as well as in Singapore and Shanghai, as the airline has announced. For the first time in a long time it will also be fresh draft beer – just like in the sixties. Only business class members will enjoy it. For this purpose, an airworthy special vessel was selected, in which the carbon pressure is controlled by a valve. For example, an overpressure on board was prevented and the pen was possible at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

September 17: train equipped for Wiesn – 500 extra trips

Deutsche Bahn is well prepared for the Oktoberfest. It gives the Oktoberfest in Munich 500 extra rides from local and S-Bahn trains, said the chairman of the management of the Munich S-Bahn, Heiko Büttner. The railway expects approximately three million extra passengers during the 16 festive days of the following Saturday until the Oktoberfest. According to the report, more than 100,000 people travel daily on the S-Bahn, so that there will be a total of approximately 940,000 passengers on the S-Bahn network.

The first modernized S-Bahn trains with considerably more space have their Wiesn test. In addition there are additional guides for entry level, which are not only distributed at the main station, but also at the bustle of Marienplatz. In total, a maximum of 130 additional employees regulate the arrival and departure of visitors. Some employees will wear Bodycams at the main station for the first time. The train especially made the way home from the Oktoberfest "pronounced as driver-friendly", promoted the train. "There is no better way to get to and from the Wiesn than by train," Büttner said.

At peak times it is possible to travel to the festival site in the metro from the central station, despite all the extra trains. Employees point the way under the motto "Z & # 39; Fuass samma schnella". The railroad also warned: "Beer mugs belong in the party tent." The take-away is not allowed – except purchased jugs, which are packaged.

September 15: The name "Wiesn" is now a registered trademark

No one should get the idea to market a product called "Wiesn": that can be very expensive from now on. The city of Munich protected the term by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). EUIPO is a kind of intellectual property agency. The protection lasts until the year 2025.

September 3: FC Bayern stars present themselves for the Oktoberfest in Lederhosen

Football professionals from FC Bayern Munich are dressed for the Oktoberfest. Three weeks before the start of the biggest folk festival in the world at the Theresienwiese in Munich, the captain Manuel Neuer posed for a photo shoot on Sunday for a sponsor of the record champion in Lederhosen and Trachtenjanker. The Lederhosen was still a bit 'getting used to & # 39 ;, said the newcomer Leon Goretzka, who had come from FC Schalke 04.

He had only been to the Oktoberfest as a child, the national team reported. "Then I was most interested in the carousels." The FC Bayern team traditionally visits a festival tent together at the Oktoberfest.

27 August: Minister of the Interior Herrmann introduces super recognition and video surveillance for Oktoberfest 2018

Safety also plays a major role this year at the Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich. A press conference on the use of super-listeners and video surveillance has now been announced for Tuesday, August 28th.

According to a press release from the police, the German Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, together with the police president Hubertus Andrä, will introduce the means for deployment. The location of the press conference is the media center of the Munich police station.

It is also announced that superherds and police officers with a body scam and the police message will be available for photos and interviews. Incidentally, superherners are not machines: they are people who have an above-average ability to remember faces in the long term – and therefore also to recognize them.

August 20: Oktoberfest bands influence the repertoire of smooth musicians

The effects of the Oktoberfest can also be heard on the Isar: smooth musicians such as Klaus Bacher (55) from Holzkirchen (district Miesbach) had to adapt their repertoire. In the past, Bavarian music and Dixieland were sufficient to keep guests happy, he told the German news agency. Today, the clientele expects the same state of mind on the raft, as it is used by Wiesn bands. "You have to make the most of it: current hits, oldies, mood tracks, the Oktoberfest or après-ski program are mandatory today." For 25 years Bacher has been offering various arrangements – with daughter Larisa or with the band "Isar Briada" – for a festive atmosphere on the rustic wooden rafts.

27 July: The Oktoberfest comes with attractions such as "Jungle Camp" and "Chaos Pendulum"

An orangutan greets visitors in the "jungle camp" – and space tourists in the "Chaos Pendulum" can test similar loads on the body as in space flights: the Oktoberfest in Munich attracts this year with a number of novelties. It lasted until September 22 and October 7 on the last day that it was the last possible Oktoberfest, according to the festival leader and second mayor Josef Schmid (CSU) on Friday. "My big hope is that autumn will really be a golden autumn."

Besides "Chaos Pendulum" and "Jungle Camp" – not a reality show, but a running company – there is for the first time an exaggerated company called "Predator" and a golf flyer with double seats "ideal for a romantic date".

The security measures that have been adopted over the past two years, with random checks at the entrances and a ban on large bags and backpacks, have proved their worth, Schmid said. "That is why it is absolutely consistent and consistent that we keep the innovations introduced in 2017."

In the southern part of the festival grounds there are again the Oide Wiesn. For example, roasted almonds are traditionally hand-stirred in a copper kettle. A special exhibition is also dedicated to the showman Carl Gabriel, who in 1910 the & # 39; Devil's Wheel & # 39; introduced – a popular Oktoberfest entertainment to this day.

An employee mounted on the wooden frame of a tent on the Theresienwiese's roof beams. In the background is the statue of Bavaria.

Image: Peter Kneffel, dpa

July 16: Already in the middle of summer the construction for the Oktoberfest begins

A good two months before the start of the official start of the Oktoberfest. The Theresienwiese will be a huge construction site. The 31-hectare festival site is closed to passers-by, only a few passages remain open. First the selection borders are created. Sattelschlepper bringen die übers Jahr eingelagerten Teile der Bierburgen, who were ausgepackt und aufgebaut in the last week. Folding Fahrgeschäfte. Mehr zum Aufbau lessons here.

Mitten im Juli started auf der Theresienwiese in Munich der Aufbau für das Oktoberfest. Die Wiesn starts in diesem Jahr am 22. September and läuft bis 7. October.

Bild: Peter Kneffel, dpa

13. June: Der Bierpreis auf der Wiesn climbs into men Zelten über that 11-Euro-Marke

Die Maß Bier auf dem Münchner Oktoberfest was dieses Jahr in manzsten erstmals mehr as 11 Euro costs. The Preis für die Maß liege zwischen 10,70 Euro and 11,50 Euro, that Stadt München mit. Das sind durchschnittlich 3,57 Prozent mehr as im Vorjahr. In the Spitze müssen that Gäste 55 Cent mehr hinlaegen – in the Rule war of the Maßpreis in the Vorjahren um etwa 25 bis 30 Cent gestion.

Hauptgrund für die vergleichsweise starke Anhebung ist die höhere Umsatzpacht, which the Wirte an die Stadt mässen. Sie steige im Vergleich zum Vorjahr sogar um 53 Prozent, sagte Wirtesprecher Peter Inselkammer. "Die Erhöhung ist dieses Jahr der Hauptkostenfaktor für uns alle." Die Umsatzpacht war 2017 eingeführt worden, um die erhöhten Sicherheitskosten wegen der Terrorgefahr zu decken und bedeutet für die Wirte erhebliche Mehrkosten gegenüber der früheren Standgebühr.

Dennoch bleiben die Durchschnittspreise der alkoholfreien Getränke bei der Wiesn 2018 in etwa auf Vorjahresniveau – oder sinken sogar. Ein Liter Tafelwasser kostet im Durchschnitt 8,72 Euro (Vorjahr 8,73 Euro) und Limonade 9,27 Euro (9,55 Euro); Spezi wird mit 9,80 Euro (9,64 Euro) nur wenig teurer. Damit wollten die Wirte auch ein Zeichen für Familienfreundlichkeit setzen, erklärte Inselkammer. Mehr zu den Getränkepreisen lesen Sie hier.

12. Mai: Nicht nur der Bierpreis, auch die Umsatzpacht beim Oktoberfest geht steil nach oben.

Das Oktoberfest wird teurer – für die Wirte auf der Wiesn und in der Folge somit auch für die Gäste. Die Stadt München will von den Wirten 9,3 Millionen Euro einnehmen. Das geht aus der Sitzungsvorlage für den Wirtschaftsausschuss des Stadtrates am Dienstag (15. Mai) hervor. Dazu möchte Wirtschaftsreferent und Wiesnchef Josef Schmid (CSU) die Umsatzpacht für die Wirte von bisher 5,1 Prozent des Nettoumsatzes auf künftig 7,8 Prozent anheben. Bei den kleinen Zelten soll sie um einen Prozentpunkt auf 6,1 Prozent steigen. Mehr zur Umsatzpacht lesen Sie hier.

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