Workshop is on fire: cloud of smoke above Tempelhof hinders traffic

A burning car on Wednesday morning in Berlin-Tempelhof caused a great deal of fire and traffic obstructions. No one was injured. The vehicle burned in an auto repair shop on a trade area in the Germania Motorway near the highway 100, as the fire brigade announced. The flames also spread to parts of the workshop.

Because of the heavy smoke and onlookers it arrived on the A100 in the morning at Tempelhofer, a traffic jam. The Germaniastraße was blocked between Oberlandstraße and Ringbahnstraße in both directions, as the traffic information center reported via Twitter.

Caustic smell of burning

Shortly after 6 o'clock in the morning, the armed forces were called to the place of fire. According to the fire brigade, about 70 firefighters had the task of extinguishing the fire. After about two hours much of the fire was extinguished. The firefighters prevented the spread of the flames. A slightly injured man was treated on the spot. According to the fire department, it was an employee or the owner of the car repair shop.

The radio station Radio Berlin 88.8 reported, referring to the owner of the workshop, that sparks of welding probably led to the fire. The fire brigade could not confirm that – the cause of the fire still had to be determined. The cloud of smoke was visible in a large part of the city. Witnesses reported that in the morning in the south of Berlin there was a pervasive smell of burning in the air. (AP)

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