Anthimos sharply criticizes the coronavirus hierarchies: we thought we were superhumans and were led to the grave

Alexandroupolis metropolitan Anthimos has been harshly criticizing the hierarchs and clergy of the Church of Greece, as well as the faithful for their attitude to the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article on the occasion of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Mr. Anthimos speaks of the division of believers under the responsibility of their pastors with their “criminal sermons madness from their euphoric arrogance, which eventually killed their fellow men.”

He also speaks of clergy and believers who thought they were co-administering the state, and who thought they were superhuman in the face of the pandemic, which led to the grave without admitting their mistake.

We thought we were superhumans, hid our virus infection and were led to the grave, instead of confessing our mistake and sounding right. It is not humiliating to admit that you suffer as a human being too. It’s arrogant to hide it so your ego isn’t publicly disproved. If death is pending, then “magic”, as said, is not allowed. “Pious selfishness. Dead!”, He states characteristically.

Mr. Anthimos emphasizes the necessity “that we all enter the temple of God one day” but clarifies that “I have no intention of opening the buildings of the temples to enter, which the government did very well and closed them. after the people showed us and generally continues to show insufficient responsibility for the subject (perhaps through fatigue) I mean, even before the pandemic, before the ban was lifted, Christians did not come to the temples, even if we went to church, clergy and laity, every Sunday, maybe every day. “

“We believed that we our state, our religious Christians and even many of our clergy co-ruled, because it turned out that it is much better ruled by politicians, because we ended up not even our herd may lead. Pious madness changed rational sheep in unpredictable children who wanted to replace pastors. While God Himself teaches us to obey even secular power (which is after all democratically elected by our people today), many of us Christians have started a revolution against their church, which I don’t know will bring a resurrection until now it sows the dead. We believed that because of our faith God owes us to be saved (not others), and we have shown this faith. But this faith turned out to be a little poor little faith that not only can’t move mountains, but not even the infinitesimal virus … “.

The Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis talks about the division of Christians who were distinguished ‘in pious: Immediately those who believed the virus irresponsibly ignored and naive they were invulnerable and disrespectful: usually say the bishops and those who agreed with the measures, and in order “And those who hastened to strike the shepherds today bury the sheep of another flock … They failed to understand that when health and life are at stake, even the warmest believer becomes our enemy …”.

Finally, Mr. Anthimos calls on the “devout people who did not believe there is a coronavirus, as if a hair could fall out of their hair if God does not want it” to take seriously those who, now hiding in their burrows prepare to justify their criminal sermons, which watered insanity out of their euphoric arrogance that eventually killed their fellows, ‘to calm down.

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