Apart from party Terence Shik

Besides the Independent Hellenic Party (ANEL), Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Terence Chick is also present.

ANEL spokesman Theodoros Tosounidis spoke in the central bulletin of Kontra Channel in response to the party's attitude towards the Prespa agreement.

"It is a unanimous decision by the party, Mr. Cuik put himself out of the movement, finally," said the ANEL spokesman and responded to a journalist's request.

Mr Kouik is one of the few members of ANEL who are openly in favor of the agreement signed by Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev in Prespa, who for a long time was a "foreign body" to Panos Kamenou's party.

As the ANEL spokesman said, Mr Kouk carried his actions out of his party.

"He has set himself out of the movement and violated the principles of independent Greeks," Tusunidis notes, adding that the other leaders of the independent Greeks who take part in the government have unanimously decided to leave the government as the Prespa agreement the House reached.

A little earlier, the Panos Kammenos had proposed that Minister of Tourism, Elena Kountoura, have drawn up the line of the party against the Prespa agreement.

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