Big Brother: Makridis’ statement about Anna Maria that will be discussed

Christos Makridis spoke about his stay with Big Brother as well as the relationships with their teammates in one of his first interviews after he left his big brother’s house.

Life with different people is very difficult. What was the most difficult moment for you in the game?

For me, the most difficult moment in the game was missing my family. Otherwise I did very well at home, although I accepted a lot of war and a lot of controversy. I accepted war because I was a different character. I was the truth from the first day I entered the game to the 77th I left.

You are a person who has dealt with the commons. How you have the decision to to declare participation in a so game; Are you considering Which in Class I will your help out in policy your career;

Because I like the challenge, I thought it was a good opportunity for me to try something that I had rejected as a child. I was not a deputy mayor all my life. I used to have a coffee shop and did this job. Later I made my own stores. I had also made statements about “Big Brother 2”. I did it again and they took me. Whether it will help me or not, it will be decided by the people and time. In the game, I showed a guy with a constant value, who only looks straight, who is not racist and also has no problem with the difference. I like all people.

What is your opinion about Anna-Maria?

Anna-Maria follows the best strategy of all from day one. There is no better strategy than the strategy of the defeated, the suffering, the losers, all of whom curse me and I fight alone. He’s been there. Anna Maria and I had a good relationship, the relationship with her was ruined for my friend Dimitris Pyrgidis, I didn’t ruin it for me, I wasn’t interested.

What are the future plans after the match?

In my life I stopped making plans because when we make plans, God laughs. I let the moment and the days pass. I will manage the whole situation.


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