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Can you lose weight and train for a fight at the same time?

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Every week there are studies that confirm that running is a great way to lose weight.

The amateurs runners they know very well that this sport helps them to lose weight and that is one of the big advantages. After all, weekly research is done to confirm this walking is an excellent way to lose weight.

Of course, between using the run for to lose kilograms and training to be ready for a fight, there is enough distance. In the second case, you not only exercise your body, but instead prepare to complete a race at a certain pace.

In order to get it ready to fight, you have to practice strategically and not just move. Many runners have problems when they try to do it all together: ready for a race and losing weight. When you try to lose calories, it is combined with distractions of high mileage and demanding workouts, the result is almost always low, poor performance and a high risk of injuries.

"If you are training for a competition and you are also doing a diet, you will not be able to do much because you will not be able to recover your muscles properly after training," says Anne Munay, a professional gymnast and marathon runner. . "Inadequate body supply in relation to exhaustive training leads to very serious problems such as anxiety or electrolytic imbalances of the body", he emphasized.

The solution is to focus on weight loss before you start training for a fight. During this time, which would take 4 to 8 weeks, your biggest concern is weight loss rather than performance. And since weight loss is more the result of changes in diet than exercise, it is best to follow a number of specific exercises on the run.

Get a lot of protein

Many studies confirm that protein reduces both satiety and appetite, especially when consumed at breakfast, which has the added benefit of reducing the need for unhealthy food.

The best protein sources are lean meats and fish such as chicken fillet, turkey, salmon, sardines and herb foods such as legumes, nuts and seeds. With enough protein, your muscles can be put together again after a hard workout.

Do not … drink your calories!

It is difficult enough to lose weight, so do not sabotage your efforts by drinking hundreds of calories from sodas. Instead, choose to drink water that does not even contain calories and does the same work with soft drinks.

Many people often confuse the signs of thirst that gives your body to hunger, so you are assured that you are well hydrated and have completed an important piece in the puzzles about weight loss.

Everything has to do with the density of nutrients

This component is also the most important in your efforts to lose weight. A groundbreaking study by Nutrition Journal has shown that a dietary diet reduces hunger and is an effective way to improve health and weight loss. In other words, it is better to eat a nutritious, protein-rich breakfast from a nutritious bowl of sugary breakfast cereals.

Focusing on foods rich in nutrients, but low in calories, such as vegetables, leafy vegetables and lean meat, is the most sensible. Fruits, high-quality carbohydrates such as rice and beans are some other very good choices that are rich in nutrients.

When your goal is to lose weight, it is best to prepare these nutritious foods for exercise so that you do not try to find healthy food after a hard workout. After all, the moments after the training are also those you will more than ever enter the temptation to eat food that is rich (and poor food).

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