Christmas without going from prefecture to prefecture – What said Stelios Petsas | POLICY

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas announced a blockade on travel from prefecture to prefecture for the holidays.

Speaking to SKAI about the transfers from prefecture to prefecture, Mr. Petsas that it is “difficult to allow the transfer from prefecture to prefecture. If we characterize an area as” relaxed “, there will be relaxation. It is important to follow the measures to drop the burden on the whole territory “.

According to the government spokesman, government announcements on how the partial opening will take place will take place next week.

As he said, “the general plan will be announced next week, there will be a roadmap for how the opening will take place early next week. The purely seasonal shops will open on Monday, then we will see what will open ”.

“Citizens are asking us to open up safely, we will make decisions based on the suggestions of experts, we are following them,” the government spokesman continued.

“When we have committee recommendations, we take that into account. We did not enter into this discussion for the extension of the lockdown,” Stelios Petsas clarified, due to the increased number of cases, as he said. “We are in talks with the experts. on the specialized issues, ”he added.

Mr. Petsas also referred to how the decisions are made by the government and the committee: “We are examining many indicators, not only the cases, but also the situation of the NSS. We need to balance the declining positivity index, but not in the rate that we would like. Rt is also falling slower, which indicates why cases have not dropped as we would expect. “It is a positive that there are more free beds, but unfortunately the ICs are getting full,” he continued.

Regarding what was not going according to the forecasts, he noted, “In Northern Greece, we saw data with land entries and exits and interregional movements”.

Asked if the committee had proposed tougher measures, Mr Petsas replied: ‘Only Mr Vatopoulos had proposed tougher measures. The measures are taken at an appropriate level. The measures we have taken are those proposed by the committee in its majority ”.

“We expect the vaccines in late December-early January”

Regarding vaccines, he said that “the first vaccinations will begin after the 1018 vaccination centers are preparing to vaccinate more than 2 million citizens per month.” We are waiting for the vaccines in late December and early January, we are waiting for the decisions of the EU institutions, ”he added.

“We’ve secured 25,000,000 vaccines. Since there are two doses for each citizen, vaccination is covered for each citizen for the vaccine, which will be optional, not required. Vaccination will be a priority and we will have a special campaign to convince those who have reservations that prominent citizens will participate. “What is important for the citizen to know is that there will be no shortage of vaccine for a citizen who asks for it,” concluded Mr. Petsas.

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