Donald Trump: “I’ll Leave the White House” if “Voters Endorse Biden’s Victory, But It Will Be Wrong”

The outgoing Republican president from USA Donald Trump said yesterday Thursday that she would be leaving him White House “If” the body of voters endorse the Democratic victory Joe Biden Bee presidential election from November 3.

Biden is expected to be sworn in and taking office on January 20.

“Of course I will, and you know it,” he replied the real estate businessman who became president Asked if he would leave the White House after the electorate voted for Biden.

But that, he hastened to add, would be “wrong.” «If he does, he is wrong“, He added, adding that it is difficult to accept the result of the presidential election, which is for the ninth time fraud.

“We are like a third world country,” he said Trump, referring to the electoral infrastructure in the US.

The Republican group’s lawsuits continue, albeit to no avail. Analysts and election officials say there is no evidence that fraud has been committed, let alone to the detriment of the outcome.

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