Georgiadis: I filed a 2 million case against Novartis


"Or Novartis will present something, or he will not present, and I think the court will justify and pay me, Slates must pay once in this country"

13/11/2018 – 20:46

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13/11/2018 – 20:46


The treatment of Adonis Georgiadis

On Tuesday, Novartis launched an action against Novartis, by Adonis Georgiades, through the lawyers of Michalis Dimitrakopoulos and Athanasios Plevris, who demanded € 2 million in damages. Speaking in the central newsletter of SKAI and Ss Koosi, the vice-president of the ND accused the pharmaceutical industry of he is silent about charges against him so that it can be interpreted in an unprecedented way. "I will defend my honor and my reputation until the end," he said.

Mr. Georgiadis accused Novartis of having "made" the government. "At my own ministry he had losses, at Xanthos – Paulis profit … After a year he had no management to see if he gave me one euro?" He asked.

"Or will Novartis presents all informationor will not present, and I believe the court will justify and pay for it. The sycophants have to pay once in this country, "he remarked.

The secret of the trial that he says he respects, said the MP from the southwest, has been violated. "She had to appear bravely to see and tell if she misses money … I'll take her to court, I ask for 2 million euros in damages, of course, will be given to charities," he explained. "Nothing has been found in me or in my partner," he said unambiguously.

Adonis Georgiades accused the Documento newspaper of that she blackdles a witness through her publication. "Or do you give up my political opponents, or I'm going to sit on the stool and close your prison," says Krateros, Tsipras, and the public prosecutor does not intervene … Dirty history was only made for politicians purposes, and will be judged against the end of justice, "he noted.

As far as the Health Examination Commission is concerned, Georgiades denied that a criminal offense had been committed. "He came with nothing about Diannan and the arthroscopy … Arthroscopy was paid to Kouroupli, Xanthos and Polakis," he said.

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