Gogos in SKY: Harder Lockdown, nobody out, we hope not to become Bergamo

“Don’t let anyone go out,” Professor Charalambos Gogos told SKAI, referring to the areas in Greece where a particularly high number of coronary artery disease cases are recorded, noting that other measures should be taken if necessary.

“The lockdown should be applied to a greater extent,” he advised.

We are at the border in Thessaloniki, which is why there is mobility in Northern Greece to open more ICs, he added.

“We hope we do not reach Bergamo’s borders,” he added.

According to the professor, the development of additional ICU rooms, even in places like Vellideio, is a good idea, but not necessary at the moment.

“In a crisis we have to be ready,” he insisted over and over, stressing that the most important thing is that breathing masks are available.

As Mr. Gogos pointed out, there is a problem in Larissa where things are increasing.

Source: skai.gr

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