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Huawei ready to replace Android and Windows if needed

Huawei has recently become the core of a fierce trade dispute between China and the United States.

The company has been accused that its equipment may become a monitoring tool on the part of the Chinese government while prosecutions have been brought against prominent executives. Very recently the company received the decision to file a lawsuit against the US to defend its products, in particular in the area of ​​networks and infrastructure.

Keep in mind that the US government has banned all major US project makers from using Huawei & # 39; s network equipment. Of course the blow for the company is big, but there are certainly the answers from the Chinese side.

Al Huawei & # 39; s CEO of Consumer Products, Richard Yu, he said in the German newspaper Die Welt that the company is ready to use its own operating system by replacing Android and Windows when the situation reaches a point where cooperation with American companies (Google and Microsoft in this case) becomes impossible.

But because history seems to be deep enough. According to a recent publication in the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post, Huawei began working on creating its own ecosystem, not today but seven years ago, when the first US surveys on Huawei and ZTE's activities were launched, another main manufacturer of telecom equipment in China. This means that almost these operating systems are practically ready.

This article basically explains Richard Yu's original statement that Huawei will continue to use Microsoft and Microsoft operating systems, but if the legal controversy intensifies, we will not hesitate to return to our own ecosystem. "However, it must be considered highly questionable whether Huawei will actually attempt to launch devices with its own operating system, since the success of the project is very doubtful.

Typically, the company's official statement in the Chinese newspaper is: "We don't believe that backup systems will have to be used and we don't really want to use them."

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