Kristi Kathargia: The first message after the corona virus

THE George Mavridis and his partner Kristi Kathargia suffered a lot from him coronavirus the previous period, when they even had to be hospitalized.

The couple has been fired and has been at home for the last few days, where they recover and try to recover after the adventure with their health.

THE Kristi Kathargia wanted to send her own message through her personal Instagram account and so she posted a video, saying: “Since life is just ahead of us, we have no choice but to move on. Also my lips are not made of hyaluronic acid, and that is not the fault of the filter either, but I have herpes from the fever that I already have long have had “.

See what he noticed:

Kristi Kathargia: The first message from George Mavridis's partner after leaving the hospital

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