Lockdown: Reset Zero – New austerity measures coming in December – Newsbomb – News

The lockdown counter is reset. It will start counting again this Friday, when the strictest framework will be implemented with movement restriction, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. to the absolute necessary.

It is clear that the example of Thessaloniki, where the biweekly ban at the local level, did not produce the expected results in flattening the virus curve. Combined with the significant deviation from the projections and the eventual trend of the epidemiological data, the suffocating pressure on the NSS, but also the disarray in compliance with the measures, is forcing the government to release all weapons they remain in earlier and possibly at the same time. her quiver has to turn off. That is also clear The chance that the quarantine will end on November 30 is now considerably smaller.

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